Fact sheets and brochures

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General templatesPDFWord
Business plan template PDF document Word Document File
General brochures and fact sheetsPDFWord
Melbourne overview and industry sectors PDF Copy   
Melbourne a world leading biotech hub brochure PDF document  
Melbourne technology capital of Australia brochure PDF document  
Victoria: a global leader in mining and mining services PDF document 
International education fact sheetPDF documentWord document
Global Education Network fact sheetPDF document 
Sector and region strategiesPDFWord
Victoria's India Strategy: Our shared future PDF document Word document 
Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals: State of the Sector PDF documentWord document
Food and Fibre StrategyPDF documentWord document
International Defence StrategyPDF documentWord document
New Energy Technology StrategyPDF documentWord document
Professional Services StrategyPDF documentWord document
Transport Technologies PDF documentWord document
Construction Technologies StrategyPDF document 
Creative State StrategyPDF document 
International Education StrategyPDF documentWord document
Advanced Manufacturing StatementPDF document 
China Strategy: Partnerships for ProsperityPDF documentWord document
Latin America Trade and Investment StrategyPDF documentWord document
Export markets - fact sheetsPDFWord
China PDF document
Japan PDF document Word Document
Korea PDF document Word Document
South East Asia PDF document Word Document
India PDF document Word Document
UK and Europe PDF document  Word document 
Middle East, Turkey and Iran PDF document Word document
Africa PDF document Word document
North America PDF document  Word document 
Latin America PDF document  Word document 
International education - market development plansPDFWord
China PDF document  
Indonesia PDF document   
Japan and Korea PDF document   
Latin America PDF document   
Middle East PDF document   
South Asia PDF document   
South East AsiaPDF document