What we do

Global Victoria – Inspiring Global Possibilities

Global Victoria is the State’s gateway to global economies and communities. We open the world to Victorian businesses and welcome the business world to Victoria.

We do this by building the skills and knowledge of Victorian businesses to grow on the international stage, promoting the state’s world-class industry capabilities to international audiences, and leading the nation as the best city in Australia to study in.

Our international network of over 20 Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) offices located in key export markets can open doors to contacts who can expand your horizons with a single conversation, and help make your global ambitions a reality.

We pursue strategic partnerships to maximise the trade objectives for Victoria and the Government’s broader economic, social, and sustainability objectives.

Helping your export business go global

To be globally competitive, your business has to be globally connected.

Through our specialised trade offices located in international markets and across Melbourne and regional Victoria, we provide a range of services to help your export business go global, including:

  • taking your business to international markets to explore business opportunities through our outbound trade missions.
  • creating in-market connections with international buyers and business leaders
  • bringing international buyers and business leaders to Melbourne to connect with you and your export business through our inbound trade missions
  • hosting major conferences and events for business matching activities
  • providing market intelligence and industry insights
  • running workshops and webinars about emerging export trends.

Building international partnerships

Trade missions play an essential role in supporting your business to expand its potential with global markets. Activities on trade missions can include business briefings and networking functions, site visits, trade exhibitions and business matching.

Our outbound trade missions take you overseas to international markets to showcase your business capabilities and connect you with key international markets, buyers, partners and business leaders.

Our inbound trade missions welcome business leaders from around the world to Melbourne and provide opportunities to learn about Victoria's business capabilities and build the foundations for new trade and investment partnerships.

Discover more about the range of our trade mission programs and initiatives and find out what events we have listed to support your dreams of going global.

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