Melbourne office

Level 33, 121 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Ms Gönül Serbest CEO, Global Victoria
1800 325 224

Paul Stagg Director, Trade

Fiona Letos A/g Director, International Education

Sara Sahely Director, Global Engagement

James Edwards Regional Specialist, India

Helen Rowell Regional Specialist, UK and Europe

Madelaine Sexton Regional Specialist, Middle East

Ema Lawrence Regional Specialist, Americas and Europe

Jason Fitts Regional Specialist, China

Chris Hunter Regional Specialist, Southeast Asia

Darrin Vouch Manager, Regional Coordination
+61 3 9651 9498

Brendan Larkin Senior Trade Manager, Food and Fibre

Stuart Bland Senior Trade Manager, ICT

Ewa Kuriata Senior Trade Manager, International Education

Matthew Wood Manager, Advanced Manufacturing

Song Lei Trade Manager, eCommerce

Alex Veale Senior Trade Manager, Professional Services

Libby O'Connor Senior Trade Manager, Services - Health, Medtech & Pharma