Victoria's relationship with India

Strong cultural ties and people-to-people links underpin Victoria's expanding relationship with India, the second most populous country in the world and an emerging economic superpower.

To support the state's engagement with India, the Victorian Government established Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) in Bengaluru in 2005 and Mumbai in 2012. These offices play a vital role in the facilitation of trade and investment and help to develop stronger people-to-people links and institutional ties.

India is one of Victoria's primary sources for international students and is one of the state's fastest-growing sources of international tourists. India is also an important market for Victorian food and fibre products and is emerging as an important market for urban design, ICT and life sciences.

Cultural ties and people-to-people links between Victoria and India are extensive, and continue to strengthen as a result of events such as the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and the Diwali (Indian Festival of Light).

Unveiled by the Victorian Government on 14 January 2018, Victoria’s India Strategy: Our shared future is an ambitious blueprint to further strengthen Victoria’s engagement with India.

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