Victoria's relationship with Europe

Victoria has a long and rich relationship with the Europe, built on a history of migration, trade, investment and long-established cultural ties. Victoria has been represented in the United Kingdom by the Agent-General for Victoria since 1868 and has maintained a Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) in Frankfurt since 1982.

As major source markets for Victoria export businesses and organisations, the major economies of Western Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands) are also significant markets for Victoria's pharmaceutical products, digital technologies, consumer goods and food products.  Victoria's international education sector has also been provided significant export opportunities to expand their business into the Eastern European market as the demand in the region continues to rise.

The United Kingdom is Victoria's third largest source of international tourists, with other European markets such as Germany and France also major sources.

Strong cultural ties underpin Victoria's engagement with Europe. Extensive people-to-people links are supported by institutional ties and partnerships such as the City of Melbourne's sister-city relationship with Milan, established in 2004.