An abundance of natural resources, half the world's unfarmed arable land, and a young, growing population of over a billion people are driving Sub-Saharan Africa's demand for premium commodities and services that Victorian businesses are well positioned to provide.

Opportunities for Victorians looking to do business with Africa

Discover how your business can export to Africa

  • Our Go Global export-readinesss self-assessment tool will identify your business's gaps in capabilities and recommend next steps to bridge those gaps. Whether you're seeking to enter new markets, or expand into existing markets, Go Global will show you how to get there.
  • Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) office in Dubai provides tailored market intelligence, insights and guidance for your export business. Our VGTI offices can connect you with overseas buyers and industry partners in Africa.
  • Austrade Market Profiles provides further detail and facts on many African markets.
  • Victorian Government provides support through a range of grants, vouchers and assistance programs.
  • International Chamber House (ICH) in Melbourne's city centre is a business networking hub for international bilateral chambers and business associations. It provides members access to meeting rooms with video-conferencing, flexible workspaces and a function space for international business development events.
  • Opportunities exist for Victorian businesses to bid for contracts across a wide range of sectors and markets with the World Bank and United Nations. Providing financial support to low and middle-income countries for projects focused on development and change, World Bank's contract award decisions are based on criteria other than lowest price, such as quality and sustainability
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