Latin America and the Caribbean is a dynamic and diverse region with a total population of almost 647 million people. The rise in urbanisation has led to significant social and economic transformations and has underscored the need for improved housing, essential services and transportation. Growing industry sectors are seeking solutions that deliver higher efficiency and productivity.

Latin America offer opportunities for Victoria to diversify beyond traditional economic partners.

The Victorian Government's 2018 Globally Connected: Victoria's Latin America Trade and Investment Strategy outlines Victoria’s plan to deepen and expand the state's economic ties with the region, identifies key trends in Latin America and aligns Victoria's capabilities with in-market demands.

Many Latin American countries have demonstrated a commitment to expanding their international links through FTAs. Free trade agreements between Latin America and Australia include:

The Pacific Alliance, a significant economic trade bloc in the region, comprises Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. (Australia was one of the first countries to begin negotiating an FTA with the Pacific Alliance, which is currently under negotiation.)

Direct flights between Santiago and Melbourne, serviced by LATAM Airlines since 2017 have been a key driver of education, business, and investment-related travel.

Opportunities for Victorians looking to do business with Latin America

Tim Harcourt's The Airport Economist – Latin America

We were delighted to support Tim Harcourt's insightful, informative and clever six-part series on some of Latin America's most economically robust countries.

Also known as The Airport Economist , Tim takes us deep into the heart of Chile, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia to interview a host of guests from business leaders to farmers, and government officials to Global Victoria's representatives from the Santiago Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) office to investigate export opportunities – current and emerging – for Australian businesses looking to engage with Latin America.

Global Victoria's Senior Investment & Trade Director Natalia Gorroño, Santiago VGTI features in The Airport Economist

Watch The Airport Economist

Discover how your business can export to Latin America

  • The Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) office in Santiago, Chile officially opened in October 2016. The Santiago VGTI provides tailored market intelligence, local insights and guidance for your export business. They can also connect you with overseas buyers and industry partners in Latin America.
  • Latam - Diversify your growth and Austrade's market profiles provide further detail and facts about Latin American markets.
  • The Victorian Government provides support to businesses through a range of grants, vouchers and assistance programs.
  • The International Chamber House (ICH) in Melbourne's city centre is a business networking hub for international bilateral chambers and business associations. It provides members access to meeting rooms with video-conferencing, flexible workspaces and a function space for international business development events.
  • Visit our regional insights page and read current updates from our regional specialists.
  • Our Go Global export-readiness self-assessment tool will identify your business's gaps in capabilities and recommend next steps to bridge those gaps. Whether you're seeking to enter new markets, or expand into existing markets, Go Global will show you how to get there.