Global Gateway Program Guidelines - accessible

Global Gateway Program Guidelines

Program Summary

The Global Gateway Program (Program) is part of the Victorian Government’s Export Recovery Package, announced as part of the $3 billion Business Resilience Package on 13 September 2020.

The Program supports established Victorian exporters with grants of up to $50,000, provided on a 20:80 cash co-contribution basis (between the company and government respectively), to stabilise their export activity or adapt export strategies in order to mitigate impediments caused by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and set them on course for recovery.

The objectives (Objectives) of the Global Gateway Program are to:

  • Assist established Victorian exporters to stabilise and maintain their export base and adapt their business models for recovery in response to the market conditions imposed by COVID-19 - including facilitating new channels to market, or through diversification into new markets.
  • Support Victorian businesses that play a critical role in the State’s export economy, including through supporting job retention and export growth.

1. Standard Eligibility Criteria

1.1 To be eligible a business must:

  • be a legally structured business with significant operations in Victoria*
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • demonstrate an annual export revenue of at least $2 million in either the 2018/19 or 2019/20 financial years**
  • meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards.

* Higher Education Institutions and Vocational Education and Training Institutes headquartered in Victoria are eligible to apply

**in certain circumstances as determined by the Department in its sole discretion, an annual export revenue less than $2 million in either the 2018/19 or 2019/20 financial years may be considered by the Department.

2. Ineligible to Apply

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Commonwealth, state and local government agencies or bodies.
  • Individuals.
  • Industry associations and business chambers.

3. What is supported under the Global Gateway Program?

Businesses are required to propose a project that will assist them to stabilise and maintain their existing export base and/or adapt their business model for recovery. For example:

Market intelligence

  • Market research to understand industry trends and gain customer insights.
  • Company profiling and industry alignment opportunities.
  • Provision of a market development strategy.
  • Capability assessments.
  • Risk and diversification strategies.

Market access

  • Facilitation of market-entry or expansion activities.
  • Increasing distribution and supply chain networks.
  • In-market business development.

Marketing and promotion

  • Development of advertising and promotional campaigns.
  • Creating localised branding positions, video content, visual identity and design systems.
  • Digital adaptation including consolidating online presence for international audiences.
  • Implement an eCommerce platform, including its management and content development.

Please note the above examples are non-exhaustive.

Applicants will be asked in their application to make a case for how the project will support the Program’s objectives and show how the use of the grant funds will facilitate the project’s outcomes.

3.1 Project Plans

A Project Plan is required as part of the application, covering:

  • project description
  • preferred service provider(s)
  • brief implementation timeline
  • internal resources allocated to the project
  • budget summary (showing where grant funds are to be spent on eligible expenditure).

3.2 Eligible Expenditure

Grant funds can be spent on activities related to stabilising and maintaining their existing export base and/or adapt their business model for recovery, with a focus on tailored professional services for your project.

3.3 Ineligible Expenditure

Grant funding cannot be used for:

  • capital expenditure
  • usual operational expenditure, including staff costs
  • retrospective funding for projects that have already begun
  • costs associated with applying for government grants and funding programs
  • basic and routine professional services
  • routine maintenance
  • travel, accommodation and entertainment costs
  • any amount paid on account of goods and services tax
  • projects not related to export or related to import activities
  • projects where the primary purpose relates to offshore manufacturing
  • intellectual Property fees and charges associated with registering domestic or international patents or other intellectual property enforcement expenses
  • expenses that are fraudulent, unsubstantiated or related to an illegal activity
  • any other expenditure as determined by the Department that does not meet program conditions.

3.4 Use of Service Providers

The grant project may be used to engage one or more Service Providers.

Applicants must state their preferred service provider(s) in their Project Plan and are encouraged to attach relevant quotes and scopes of services as attachments to their application.

3.5 Project Timelines

Projects are to commence within one month of receipt of a Letter of Offer and are expected to be completed within six months.

The Department reserves the right to withdraw the offer of grant funding if projects are not commenced within one month of receipt of letter of offer.

4 Grant funding and Matched Funding

4.1 Matched Funding

Funding is capped at a maximum value of $50,000 (excluding GST). Grants will be provided on a cash co-contribution basis:

  • applicants contribute a minimum of 20 per cent of the total costs of the project; and
  • grants will subsidise 80 per cent of the project to a maximum of $50,000 (excluding GST)

Example one:

  • If the total project cost is $125,000 (excluding GST), the Grant will cover the maximum, $50,000 (ex GST). The remaining $75,000 (excluding GST) must be covered by the Applicant.

Example two:

  • If the total project cost is $62,500 (excluding GST), the Grant will cover $50,000 (excluding GST). The remaining $12,500 (excluding GST) must be covered by the Applicant.

4.2 An applicant is only eligible for one grant under the Program round.

4.3 Funds from other State and Commonwealth Government programs cannot form part of the co-contribution.

5. Application Information and Documentation

Applicants must provide:

  • 5.1 Accurate business details
  • 5.2 A project plan
  • 5.3 Any relevant quotes or scopes of services for preferred Service Provider(s)

Global Victoria may request more information about your company to support your application, such as any relevant documentation which demonstrates annual export turnover and export history.

6. Assessment Process

6.1 Assessment Criteria

Eligible applications will be assessed on how well they meet the assessment criteria as outlined below. All supplementary attachments and information provided as part of the application will be taken into consideration during the assessment process.

1.The quality of the proposed project and funded activities to meet the first objective of the Global Gateway Program (30%)

This may include:

  • How well the proposed project as described will support the business to stabilise and maintain their export base and adapt their business model for recovery in response to the market conditions imposed by COVID-19.
  • How appropriate the proposed service requirements are in assisting the above.

2. Need for funding and the application meets the second objective of the Global Gateway Program (20%)

This may include:

  • The business demonstrates its important role in Victoria’s export economy.
  • How well the business demonstrates that it is a substantial exporter, its competitive strengths internationally, and that exports make a up a substantial focus of the business.
  • The businesses’ proposal to contribute to the diversification of Victoria’s export base.
  • The value of the businesses’ goods or services that is added in Victoria.
  • Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the businesses export activity.

3. Demonstrated capability and capacity of the business to successfully implement the project (30%)

This may include:

  • Evidence that the applicant has the capability to implement the project e.g. CVs of lead project team, record of success in implementing similar initiatives.
  • Budget and expenditure plans are logical and realistic.
  • Clearly articulated activity, timelines and project outputs.
  • Value for money of the project, in context of delivery of outcomes.

4. The proposed project supports the business to meet both short-term and long-term outcomes (20%)

This may include:

  • How well the application articulates (with measures if appropriate) how the project will support outcomes such as:
    • Stabilisation of export revenue.
    • Retention or creation of jobs within the business.
    • Export growth.
    • Development of new channels, markets and customers.
    • Development of new export products and services.

Applications will be assessed by a panel. The panel will:

  • review applications individually
  • compare them with the value and benefits offered by other applications, in consideration of the overall program objectives
  • develop a list of applications they recommend be approved, subject to funding being available.

6.2 Compliance Assessments

Applicants are subject to a risk assessment which verifies applicant details provided with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and/or other applicable regulators.

Any of the following circumstances may be taken into consideration in any decision whether to award a grant:

  • Any adverse findings by a regulator regarding an applicant
  • An applicant is placed under external administration
  • There is a petition to wind up or deregister the applicant, and
  • The applicant is or becomes deregistered or unregistered (including cancellation or lapse in registration).

6.3. Funding Approval

Recommended applications will be considered for funding approval. Each applicant will be notified of the outcome of their application, and successful applicants will receive a Letter of Offer.

7. Conditions of Funding

7.1 Successful applicants must enter into a grant agreement with the Department (which may be in the form of online terms and conditions which must be agreed by the applicant). The Grant Agreement outlines the commitments and obligations under the grant, as well as the general funding terms and conditions.

7.2 All eligible project expenditure is to be incurred only after the Grant Agreement has been executed.

7.3 Successful applicants will be required to submit progress reports against milestones and provide evidence of project completion.

7.4 Successful applicants will be required to report on the outcomes of their project and contribute information and data about the funded project to the Department for the evaluation of the program.

7.5 Successful applicants will be subject to audit by the Victorian Government or its representatives and will be required to produce supporting evidence at the request of the Victorian Government for a period of four years after the grant has been provided.

7.6 If any information in the application is found to be false or misleading, or grants are not applied for the purposes of the program in accordance with the terms of funding as set out in these guidelines, application and the grant agreement, the grant will be repayable on demand.

8 Acknowledgement

8.1 Successful applicants must acknowledge Victorian Government support of the project through, for instance, activity-related publications, media releases and promotional material as outlined in their grant agreement.

9 Privacy and Information Management

9.1 Any personal information about a person or third party contained in the application and grant agreement reporting will be collected, held, managed, used and disclosed by the Department for the purpose of grant administration and the program (including to third parties that may assist with the assessment of grant eligibility and the administration of the grant program and to Commonwealth agencies for the purposes of grant administration), and for the purposes of future programs and will be collected, held, managed, used, disclosed or transferred in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic), Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and other applicable laws.

The Department is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information, for more information go to the Department’s Privacy Policy or email

10 How to Apply

10.1 Applicants are required to submit their application (and any supporting documents) online via the Global Victoria website

10.2 Further information may be obtained through the Global Victoria website at , through the Business Victoria Hotline at 13 22 15, or by emailing

11 Other information about this Program

11.1 The Department reserves the right to amend these guidelines and the application terms at any time as it deems appropriate.