Go Global

What is Go Global?

Go Global is an initiative by the Victorian Government, through Global Victoria that answers the question, ‘As a Victorian business looking to enter new markets or expand into additional markets, what support is available for me to improve my export capabilities?

Go Global is free for Victorian businesses with a registered ABN and can be easily accessed online.

How does it work?

Whether you’re looking at entering new markets or expanding in your existing high growth markets, Go Global can help your business achieve its goals by identifying gaps in capabilities and recommending the next steps to help bridge those gaps.

You can nominate up to 5 key stakeholders from your business to take part in the self-assessment.

Through a series of export-focused questions, Go Global works by measuring your business’s capability and capacity in the following nine areas:

  1. Strategic and financial ambition
  2. International markets and competition
  3. Channels to markets
  4. Brands and value proposition
  5. Business processes and procedures
  6. Business operations
  7. International trade risks and governance
  8. Human resources
  9. Measures and values

Each area is accompanied by a detailed explanation about how it affects your business’s ability to engage successfully in international trade.

Once all nominees have completed and submitted their self-assessments, the Go Global platform aggregates the answers into one single report.

What's in the Go Global Report?

You'll receive a detailed report that provides you with:

  • Self-assessment results – the weighted score across each of the nine areas examined
  • Next steps – recommended programs provided by state and federal governments that could support your business’s capacity to engage in international markets
  • Itemised responses - aimed at providing insights from multiple perspectives across your business.

How do I register?

Registering to participate in the Go Global self-assessment can be done by clicking on the link below or by visiting our homepage and selecting Go Global in the top menu.

Register for the Go Global self-assessment