In-Market Insights

In-Market Insights is a series of videos presented by Global Victoria's team members from across its international network of 22 Victorian Government Trade and Investment offices (VGTIs). The series sheds light on the current state of play in key global markets and sectors.

JAPAN - Education August 2020

Episode 17 features Global Victoria’s Makoto Sanada, Education Services Manager from the Tokyo Trade and Investment (VGTI) office in Japan. Makoto shares insights on emerging opportunities for Victorian educations providers already engaged or seeking to engage with the region.

VIDEO: Global Victoria In-Market Insights: JAPAN - Eudcation August 2020


Episode three features Global Victoria’s Executive Business Advisor, Haesook Chung. Based in our VGTI office in Seoul, South Korea, Haesook shares her expert knowledge about emerging opportunities in the region for Victorian businesses.

VIDEO: Global Victoria's In-market Insights - KOREA June 2020

JAPAN June 2020

Episode four features Global Victoria’s Trade Development Manager, Grahame King from our Tokyo VGTI office in Japan. Grahame shares his expert knowledge on the emerging opportunities in Japan for Victorian businesses.

VIDEO: Global Victoria's In-market Insights - JAPAN June 2020

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Winter 2020 Update

Japan was set to welcome the nations of the world in July 2020 to the Tokyo Olympic Games. In March, due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the decision was taken to postpone the games to July 2021.

Beyond the postponement of the Olympics, coronavirus has had far-reaching impacts on public health and economies globally. It has changed the way we live, work and interact and Japan is no exception.

We have seen shifts in business operations that have challenged the traditional Japanese business culture and consumer behaviour, driving technology uptake and accelerating new trends in distribution channels.

While Japan, like most nations continues to manage the health crises, there is still an appetite by business to engage with Victorian companies to introduce or expand current product and service offerings.

The Victorian Government Trade and Investment team in Tokyo has identified changes in demand and emerging opportunities for engagement by Victorian businesses in a range of industries, including:

  • a heightened awareness and demand for fresh produce, frozen vegetables and beef
  • a spike in online shopping, particularly in fashion, cosmetics and personal care items
  • a focus on preventative health, dietary supplements
  • interest in collaborations in medical research and development
  • digital platforms and products that enhance the B2C shopping experience.

Further change is also occurring in the leadership of Japan with the resignation at the end of August of Japan’s longest-serving leader, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The new Prime Minister, to be announced mid-September will serve until the next national election, which is due by October 2021.

As Japan, along with global partners works towards an economic recovery amidst the continuing health concerns, Victorian business can be confident in the durability of the long and mutually beneficial relationship the State shares with Japan. As Victoria’s third-largest trading partner at December 2019 and with over 190 Japanese companies located in Victoria, the resilience of the relationship will serve us well as we explore new opportunities together into 2021 and beyond.


On 3 September, the Australian Government released a Request for Tender to preferred supplier Hanwha Defence Australia, part of the large Korean business conglomerate Hanwha Corporation to build and maintain 30 self-propelled howitzers and 15 armoured ammunition resupply vehicles and their supporting systems.

The howitzers would be built and maintained in the Geelong area, creating up to 350 jobs in the region and would also provide significant opportunities in other areas such as transport and warehousing, as well as component manufacture and repair.

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