Global Gateway Success Story: Nelnet International

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Global Gateway Success Story: Pureharvest

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Global Gateway Success Story: South Food Group

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Global Gateway Success Story: Max Biocare

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Global Gateway Success Story: Brown Family Wine Group

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Global Victoria Women (GVw)

Empowering women in international business

Plan: Victorian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Plan

Victoria at the forefront of emerging hydrogen technologies

Report: A Path to Vietnam - Asia Society Australia

Opportunities and market insights for Australian business.

Video: Global Victoria's eCommerce Program 2020/21

Importing and distributing beauty products in China

Podcast: 37 Degrees Latitude

Australian founders & entrepreneurs making waves in the US

Case study: Ewa Doroux - Leica Biosystems

Ewa Douroux talks to us about her role as a female leader

Brochure: The eCommerce Opportunity in India: Beauty, Wellness, Food & Sporting Goods

Brochure: The Global Edit Issue No.1

A magazine designed to inspire possibilities

Video: Defence in Victoria

Playing a critical role in Australia's defence capacity

Brochure: Global eCommerce Playbook by Shopify Plus

Go global the right way

Strategy: Southeast Asia Trade and Investment Strategy

Globally connected

Fact sheet: Global education network

Support for Victoria's international education sector

Brochure: Southeast Asia - an overview

With Leigh Howard - Deputy Commissioner for Victoria to SEA

Brochure: Greater China - an overview

With Lisa Renkin - Deputy Commissioner for Victoria, China

Brochure: India - an overview

With Michelle Wade - Commissioner for Victoria to South Asia

Brochure: How Global Victoria drives export success

Future Nation talks with our CEO, Gönül Serbest

Brochure: Business plan template

Improve your chances of securing finance and investment

Brochure: Born Global - Australian music exports

A summary by the Australia Council for the Arts

Brochure: Global Innovation Index 2019

Creating healthy lives: the future of medical innovation

Brochure: Doing business in the USA

The A-Z of US market entry presented by Naomi Seddon

Brochure: Doing business in Indonesia

Successfully engage your business with the Indonesian market

Brochure: Melbourne

Home to one of the world's highest ranked lifescience hubs

Brochure: Food and Fibre Export Performance Report 2018-19

The nation’s largest food and fibre exporter

Case study: Advancing Victoria's Manufacturing

Victorian manufacturing: a multi billion industry

Strategy: Defence Export Strategy

Building a more globally competitive defence industry

Strategy: State of Discovery

Mineral Resources Strategy

Strategy: Social Enterprise

Providing strategic leadership and proactive support

Video: eCommerce in India

Victorian exports to Indonesia are growing steadliy

Video: eCommerce in Southeast Asia

The challenges & opportunities for Victorian businesses

Video: Global Table 2019 - Melbourne Australia

Australia's biggest agribusiness event

Video: Melbourne's R&D capabilities

Victorian exports to Indonesia are growing steadliy

Case study: Leica Biosystems Melbourne

Leading global location for Medtech and Pharmaceuticals

Strategy: Wine Industry Development Strategy

Focus trade development efforts where Victoria excels

Video: The Airport Economist - Colombia

Discarding a tragic past to become the regions up-and-comer

Video: The Airport Economist - Argentina

Find out how to do business with flair, in Argentina.

Video: The Airport Economist - Mexico

A large modern economy straddling the US & Latin America

Video: The Airport Economist - Brazil

Latin America’s rising economic power

Video: The Airport Economist - Peru

One of the pin-up economies of the Pacific.

Video: The Airport Economist - Chile

Known as the ‘Jaguar’ economy

Video: The Airport Economist trailer

Global Victoria was a key sponsor for the Airport Economist

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Katie Pratt

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Lyn-Al Young

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Christian Kimber

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Brian Huynh

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Peggy Hartanto

Video: VAMFF International Designer Showcase

Chris Ran Lin

Video: Global Victoria and VAMFF 2019

Meet the six designers we showcased at VAMFF 2019

Video: VeN Market engagement

The first steps for engaging with eCommerce platforms

Video: VeN Cosmetics in China Seminar

Importing and distributing beauty products in China

Link: Live in Melbourne

Read, download or print our fact sheets and brochures.

Global Victoria. Take on the World.

Global Victoria.Take on the World.

Link: Invest in Victorian Agriculture

Investment opportunities across Victoria's agriculture

Fact sheet: The Food State

by Kassem Younes

Strategy: Victoria's International Health Strategy 2016 - 2020

Partnering for a healthy & prosperous future

Fact sheet: Leveraging food export opportunities in the UAE

by Kassem Younes

Strategy: China Strategy progress report 2018

Partnerships for Prosperity

Case study: Medtech and Pharma

Leading global location for Medtech and Pharmaceuticals

Fact sheet: horticulture

Australia’s major exporter of horticultural products

Fact sheet: grains

Close to key markets and export-ready

Fact sheet: processed food

Australia's major food processor state

Fact sheet: dairy

Safe, innovative & globally connected

Link: Agriculture Victoria

Promoting the state's agriculture industry

Link: Wine Australia

Investing in RD&E and growing local & international markets

Link: Liveability Victoria

Assisting Victorian businesses in the liveability sector

Video: Food and Hotel Indonesia 2018

Delegates share their experience of FHI 2017

Case study: PPP Pty Ltd

Pharmaceutical Packaging Professionals at BIO 2017

Case study: VIP 2017

Showcasing Victorian designers at VAMFF

Video: IMARC

Australia's largest mining conference

Case study: A.W. Bell

2016 GOVEA Award Winner for manufacturing

Case study: GOVEA

Awarding our most successful and innovative exporters

Case study: funds management industry

Attracting and building investment capability

Case study: LAB Architecture Studio

Providing export advice

Case study: Marand Businesses

Defence design, manufacturing, engineering and export

Link: Business Victoria's Facebook

A networking tool set up by Business Victoria

Link: Business Victoria

Practical tools & information for Victorian business owners

Case study: Rubicon Water

Exporting their capabilities to more than 10 countries

Case study: Tyrrells

Melbourne provides the total package for Tyrells

Case study: Hipster Whale

Turning Crossy Road into a global trend

Case study: Fishermans Bend

Australia’s new engineering and design precinct

Case study: Digital technology

Producing more ICT grads than any other state in Australia

Case study: Victoria's defence industry

Globally integrated into Australia's security relationships

Case study: RDNS

Providing quality clinical nursing & care services globally

Case study: Genix Ventures

One of the largest providers of online examinations systems

Case study: Rebello Wines

A blend of tradition and innovation

Case study: Deakin University

Melbourne's leading education and training exporter

Case study: Goat Soap Australia

A locally owned eCommerce success story

Case study: BOAO Forum for Asia

Melbourne hosts its very first BOAO Forum for Asia

Link: The Victorian Connection

Connecting Victorian professionals globally

Case study: VIP 2017

China's booming eCommerce market opens doors for business

Case study: Event Workforce Group

The next generation of sports innovation

Link: AFIF

Australian Federation of International Forwarders

Link: International Chamber House

A business networking hub

Link: Export Council of Australia

Supporting Australian business

Link: Efic

Finance for Australian exporters

Link: Austrade

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission

Link: Export Council of Australia

Free Trade Agreement Tool

Strategy: Latin America Strategy

Globally connected

Strategy: China Strategy

Partnerships for Prosperity

Strategy: Medicinal Cannabis Industry

Industry Development Plan

Strategy: Creative Industries

Creative State

Strategy: Construction Technologies

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: Transport Technologies

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: Professional Services

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: New Energy Technologies

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: International Education

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: Defence Technologies

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: Food and Fibre

Future Industries Fund

Strategy: Medical Technologies

State of the Sector

Strategy: Advancing Victorian Manufacturing

A blueprint for the future

Strategy: Victoria India Strategy

Our shared future

Template: Business plan - accessible

Map out your export journey

Template: Business Plan

Map out your export journey

Video: eCommerce and fashion

Connecting fashion & lifestyle business with global markets

Video: succeeding online with eCommerce

2016 BOAO Forum for Asia eCommerce session

Video: Marand businesses

The F35 has given Marand exposure to global defence primes

Video: Victoria's submarine alliance

Rohan Stocker talks about the Victorian submarine alliance

Video: Victoria's submarine capabilities

Why Victoria is home to defence excellence

Video: Victoria's defence industry capabilities

Victoria is Australia’s state of defence industry excellence

Video: Victoria's R&D capabilities

One of the southern hemisphere's largest R&D clusters

Video: Victoria's medtech and pharma capabilities

Melbourne's a leading global location for medtech and pharma

Video: Victoria's digitech capabilities

Melbourne - home to the tech talent of tomorrow

Video: Victoria's VET training institutes

Victoria's VET system is recognised around the world

Video: Melbourne for higher education

Consistently voted as one of the world's best student cities

Video: Rubicon Water

Exporting their skills and capabilities to over 10 countries

Video: Victoria's water capabilities

Victoria's water industry is recognised globally

Video: LAB Architecture Studio

Donald Bates shares his advice on exporting