Rubicon Water - export capabilities

Video: Rubicon Water - export capabilities

Rubicon Water is a Melbourne-based organisation delivering advanced technology to managers of gravity fed irrigation networks that enable them to operate and manage their water resources to unprecedented levels of efficiency and control.

Rubicon Water has a vision to improve the productivity of the world's farmers in an environmentally sustainable way.

Victoria has a great body of engineers, software developers and some of the best universities in the world - a huge resource for employing graduates and opportunities for collaboration with universities. This collaboration has been hugely beneficial for Rubicon Water in term of research and intellectual property (IP).

Rubicon has a project management and manufacturing base in Shepparton, Victoria, a small and supportive base out of which they have exported their capabilities to New Zealand, China, India, Europe, Latin America and the United States. They have the technology capabilities to manufacture efficiently as an advantage operating from a small regional base such as Shepparton.