Case study: Premium Dried Fruits

Australian Premium Dried Fruits is a 100 per cent Australian owned, grown and packed dried fruit processor based in Mildura. The company has participated in several of the Victorian Government’s outbound and inbound trade missions.

Craig Greenwood, National Sales Manager, says the trade program has been invaluable to Australian Premium Dried Fruits (APDF).

“I’m a strong supporter of the program because it’s helped our company so much,” said Craig. “It’s the best value program I’ve come across.”

In 2017, APDF participated in several international trade missions coordinated by Global Victoria, including Gulfood in Dubai, Food and Hotel Indonesia, FOODEX Japan and SIAL China.

“These are some of the biggest shows in the world each year. It’s a really cost effective way for a company of our size to explore the global market,” said Craig. “The Vic Government runs joint stands and we were part of those. They also put on networking events.”

“It’s a huge cost savings; a stand at a trade show is worth tens of thousands of dollars. All we need to do is supply the marketing components and just get there. In Asia, it also afforded us a level of credibility being part of the government’s stand.”

“It’s a really good program for small to medium businesses to test their products in the global market. Exports are a long-term game, we can’t just go to a country once; we need to build a network and commit to the country and go a number of times. This trade program is an invaluable part of that strategy.”

APDF also participated in Food and Beverage Trade Week 2016, having buyers visit them in Mildura as part of an inbound trade mission.

For APDF, the benefits extend beyond the government’s trade missions, to its international offices and connections.

“The Vic Government has a large network of companies they work closely with and they introduce us to companies we would never have met if you weren’t in the program,” said Craig. “They have offices in many cities, that help us and other companies to connect with businesses around the world.”

“It’s a key part of our export strategy to be involved in this Victorian Government program.”

Australian Premium Dried Fruits export their products across the globe in Europe, Japan, the UK and China

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