Case study: ATGA

The Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA) represents commercial table grape growers nationally in Australia. Table grapes are Victoria’s biggest export fresh fruit commodity by value, at close to $360 million annually.

Jeff Scott, Australian Table Grape Association CEO, said that the Victorian Government has been “extremely proactive” in access to market development for table grapes.

“Over the past five years they’ve been very supportive, had some dedicated people that were very passionate, switched on and wanting to help the table grape industry,” said Jeff.

ATGA is particularly impressed with the  ‘Now! In Season’ promotional campaign, which raises international awareness of Australian horticulture products in key export markets. The Victorian Government campaign (Food and Fibre Trade, Global Victoria) manages the campaign in collaboration with Austrade and Hort Innovation.

“The ‘Now! In Season’ Program was the brainchild of [Global Victoria’s] trade team and it certainly has put Australian produce on the map of targeted Asian countries, particularly keeping them top of mind when those products are in season,” said Jeff.

“It’s been a very, very, successful campaign that has helped brand Australia and our table grapes and helped develop our markets overseas, primarily in Southeast Asia.”

The ATGA have also recently participated in several inbound and outbound trade missions, which Jeff Scott says have been instrumental in gaining access to export markets.

“I take my hat off to the Vic Government for participating in these trade shows. They support companies to be able to attend the major international trade shows and show their products, particularly fresh fruit,” he said.

“The other aspect the Vic Government does very well is inbound trade missions where they bring out selected importers and retailers every year. It is a great way to promote and develop our international markets.”

“They have also brought out groups from Japan and Thailand and taken them to Sunraysia to have networking evenings, sessions with growers in Mildura and farm visits to see the products on the farm.”

The Victorian Government plans to continue to work with the table grape industry to expand exports into key international markets to fully realise the commercial opportunities available internationally.