Food and Beverage 2021 Showcase: MILKLAB

"We have found that MILKLAB is a high performing milk that we as barista's prefer to use, and our customers really appreciate." Carl Ashdown, Co-owner Little Olly's Coffee Van, Frankston

MILKLAB is a prominent brand of innovative Australian food processing company, Freedom Foods who have a significant base in regional Victoria's Shepparton.

MILKLAB was developed in collaboration with baristas, farmers and foodies across Australia to produce a high-quality barista range of plant-based and dairy milks that compliment espresso coffee.

The company's plant-based range has been designed specifically as a substitute to traditional milk addressing the growing global demand for high-quality dairy alternatives.

“It's extremely important to have high quality alternative milks on offer. We've chosen to use MILKLAB almond milk because it texturally works with our coffee, and tastewise, it's incredible." Casey Holmes, Head of Hospitality Commonfolk Coffee Company

Faced with the challenge of a decline in food service sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, MILKLAB's engagment with international markets has been supported through Global Victoria’s inaugural eCommerce Accelerator Program in Southeast Asia.

Developed to help Victorian exporters leverage eCommerce platforms to showcase and sell their products in Southeast Asia, the accelerator program has connected MILKLAB to key export markets in the region, and supported the development of the company's export strategies so they can meet the targets of the rapidly changing global market.

Global Victoria has also assisted MILKLAB's launch into the United Arab Emirates. Their exceptional barista milk varieties will be used to showcase Melbourne's world-renowned coffee culture at the Victorian Government's Melbourne Lane Café during Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Celebrating their 5th birthday in 2020, Global Victoria looks forward continuing its support of MILKLAB's international success.

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