Victoria - Australia's largest food producer

Video: Victoria's food industry

Victoria is Australia's largest exporter of premium food and fibre products.

In 2015-16, Victoria's food and fibre sector was valued at A$11.9 billion and accounted for 81 per cent of Australia's dairy exports, 48 per cent of horticultural exports and 39 per cent of prepared food exports. We produce over 26 per cent of Australia's food and fibre exports while accounting for just 3 per cent of the total landmass.

Key features such as diversity, access to world-class research and development facilities, competitive advantages in supply chain management, and strong partnerships with industry groups account for why Victoria is the nation's major exporter of food and fibre products.

Home to over 40 food research centres, Victoria is globally recognised for its innovative and multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to research and development. Our cutting-edge research capabilities have helped food and fibre producers improve productivity, increase their global competitiveness, and minimise risk to ensure the highest biosecurity, safety and reliability standards are met.

With a temperate climate, high-quality soils, some of the world's cleanest water, and skilled and environmentally responsible food producers, our global reputation as producers and exporters of premium, clean, green and safe food and fibre products continues to flourish.