Podcast: 37 Degrees Latitude

In this podcast series, U.S. Consul General Michael Kleine meets the Australian founders and entrepreneurs who cut a path beMichael Kleinetween 37˚ N & S and found capital, partners, markets and success in the United States.

Michael is a career Foreign Service Officer currently serving as U.S. Consul General in Melbourne. Michael has a deep-seated interest in entrepreneurship, a fascination with innovation, and a passion for the U.S.-Australia relationship.

Martin Hosking: Redbubble

Martin Hosking recognises all startups need two things: “the gap in the market and the market in the gap.”

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Evelyn Chan: Smileyscope

Evelyn Chan from thinks more about the big picture after her experience in the U.S. because Americans "want to see the whole thing."

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Patrick Llewellyn: 99 Designs

Patrick Llewellyn thinks the U.S. is “The land of anything is possible”...and that hipsters everywhere are making great coffee these days.

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Nick Crocker: Blackbird Ventures

Nick Crocker reflects on ambition, story telling, tall-poppy syndrome and the surface area of serendipity.

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Kate Kendall: Cloudpeeps

Kate Kendall explains the diverse startup ecosystems across the United States, the importance of giving it a shot, and doubling down on persistence.

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Didier Elzinga: Culture Amp 

Didier talks about his journey to become a global leader in building culture-first companies and a name synonymous with entrepreneurial success.

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