The State Government of Victoria has secured a deal with BAE Systems Australia, reinforcing the state’s position in Phase 2 of the LAND 400 multi-billion dollar military vehicle project – the biggest and most expensive acquisition project in Australia's Army history.

BAE Systems Australia: ready to manufacture the AMV35

The LAND 400 Phase 2 program has seen two 8x8 CRV vehicles – the 'Boxer CRV' from Rheinmettal and the 'Patria AMV35' from BAE Systems Australia – compete in a Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA) carried out by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on 19 August 2016 – marking the beginning of an exhaustive 12 month vehicle trial and evaluation program.

Three vehicles from each tenderer were extensively tested to assess their protection and other capabilities. The outcomes from these tests will be used by the ADF to undertake a final evaluation of each tenderer's proposal – due to be released by late 2017.

"Regardless of who wins the contract," said Brian Gathright, LAND 400 Vice President at BAE Systems Australia, "the Australian Defence Force will have the best."

If BAE Systems secures the Federal Government contract, the company plans to include a bespoke LAND 400 advanced manufacturing centre at Victoria's world-class defence facility at Fishermans Bend in Port Melbourne – located four kilometres west of Melbourne's city centre.

BAE will manufacture 225 AMV35 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles, and once the vehicles are in service, the defence facility at Fisherman's bend would be used to upgrade and maintain the vehicles over their 30-plus year service life, providing up to 2000 sustainable jobs for Victorians – for decades to come.

With an outstanding track record in the design, development, and manufacture of military vehicles for both Australian and international customers, Victoria is home to the original equipment manufacturers for the M88 (Hercules Recovery Vehicle), M777 (155mm, 39mm towed gun) and M113 (armoured personnel carriers).

Thales is one of the ADF's most trusted partners and currently manufactures the Bushmaster and Hawkei vehicles in Bendigo, located 150 kilometres from Melbourne's city centre in regional Victoria. The Bushmaster vehicle has been successfully exported around the world in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Jamaica.

BAE Systems has partnered with the ADF for over 60 years, and also operates Australia’s largest naval sustainment business, responsible for maintaining and upgrading Royal Australian Navy ships.

BAE Systems has agreed to partner with other Victorian defence companies to manufacture vehicle components, including Marand, MOOG Australia, Motec, AME Systems, RUAG Australia, DVR Engineering , Milspec, and APV.

Victoria’s A$8 billion defence sector consists of more than 300 business, employing around 7000 people.

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