Local and international winegrowers and wine lovers will converge at one of Victoria's premier wine regions and flagship destinations – the Mornington Peninsula – to raise their glasses and celebrate all things Pinot Noir this February 10-11.

Hosted by the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association (MPVA) and held biennially since 2003, the Mornington Peninsula International Pinot Noir Celebration showcases to local and international audiences the region's finesse at producing some of Australia's finest Pinot Noir.

In support of wine growers and wineries across the Mornington Peninsula, the Victorian Government has awarded MPVA A$7500 from its A$1 million Wine Growth Fund (WGF) providing dollar-for-dollar support for the expansion of the two-day event.

Aimed at raising the region's international profile and to support export sales and increase wine tourism to the area, the funding will go towards bringing six key wine bloggers to the event from the UK, the US, Japan, Denmark, Canada and Hong Kong. The bloggers include UK award-winning author and wine judge Jamie Goode who will MC the Celebration and provide video, live feedback and commentary on the tasting of selected wines.

Thanks to MPVA organising events like the Pinot Noir Celebration, grape growers and winemakers in the region are provided key opportunities to showcase their drop to an international audience and gain valuable insights into how a particular region's climate, soils and terrain influence the taste of wine.

Gourmet Traveller described the region's Pinot as "breathtaking" with a standard that's "getting better all the time" and distinguishing bouquets between grapes grown in the "sandy soils of the low country around Moorooduc" compared with the "deep red volcanic soils up on Red Hill".

The WGF provides A$720,000 in funding to support 41 projects across Victoria's 21 distinct wine regions.

Victoria's 800 wineries and 3000 vineyards employ 12,000 people and generate A$1.5 billion each year.

Applications for the second round of grants will be open to businesses or organisations directly involved in the Victorian Wine industry, including the growing, production and marketing of wine, and businesses that act as service providers to the wine industry.

Find out more about the Victorian Government's Wine Growth Fund.