A new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Agriculture Victoria and Israeli agtech company, AgriTask is set to boost Victoria's technological capabilities and improve the state's farming systems.

The partnership will see the development of a new farm management and decision support tool for Victorian farmers. This world-leading technology integrates data from a number of sources into a comprehensive mobile and web solution to enable better decision-making on farms and along the supply chain from paddock to plate.

AgriTask is a company comprised of agronomists and software experts that have developed a versatile agriculture business intelligence and decision support platform.  

Based on comprehensive agronomic data analysis, AgriTask assists farmers by providing key advice and support on irrigation, pest and disease detection, crop nutrition, and tactical decision making in response to weather.

The new business intelligence and decision support platform will enable:

  • farmers to immediately benefit from precision agronomy while continuing to use their present work methods.
  • agronomists and managers to easily manage large and remote areas of diverse crops in varying growth conditions
  • real-time reaction to help farmers secure the yield while saving on resources and the environment.

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Recognised as a priority industry sector, Victoria is Australia's largest exporter and producer of food and fibre products, with food and fibre exports valued at A$11.9 billion in 2015-16.

As a major gateway to international markets, Victoria accounts for a quarter of national primary production, 30 per cent of processed food output, 27 per cent of sector exports, and around one third of the freight task.