Australian biotech companies were connected to over 200 global and national biotech investors at Australia Biotech Invest 2017 in Melbourne – Australia’s biotechnology centre.

The Victorian Government backed the conference, which cemented Victoria’s reputation as a world-leading location to develop and manufacture medical technologies, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals.

Victoria is one of the world’s leading biotechnology hubs and the centre of Australia’s biotech investment with over 650 companies, 10 major medical research institutes, 10 major teaching hospitals and nine universities.

The state’s booming biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceutical sector employs more than 23,000 people and generates over $12.7 billion in revenue.

It contributes over $1.35 billion in exports to the Victorian economy – more than double what it did six years ago.

Australia Biotech Invest provides the opportunity for global investors to tap into Victoria’s expanding clinical trials market, as well as its infectious diseases and diagnostics, cancer, regenerative medicine, medtech and neuroscience research.

Last year Australia was named fourth in the world in the Scientific American Worldview: A Global Biotechnology Perspective – which evaluates the biotechnology innovation capacities of countries around the globe.