Members of the public are invited to submit their ideas on how Australia can take advantage of India's economic rise for the India Economic Strategy.

The Australian Government has commissioned the India Economic Strategy to define a pathway for Australia to unlock opportunities offered by Indian economic growth.

Australia's future prosperity is closely linked to developing strong relationships with major emerging economies. India's size, growth trajectory, increasing integration with the economies of East Asia, as well as its liberal democratic traditions, all point towards an even closer relationship with Australia.

The strategy will provide a plan to unlock the opportunities that will help Australia and India grow together, with a map that will guide a partnership for the two countries through to 2035.

The Australian Government has appointed Mr Peter Varghese AO, Chancellor of the University of Queensland and former High Commissioner to India, to lead the development and delivery of the strategy.

Submissions close on 13 October 2017.

More information on the public submission process, including the Terms of Reference, can be found on the DFAT website.