The Victorian Government is helping local businesses break into the Chinese eCommerce market through a new partnership with Australia Post.

The agreement will speed up access to the Chinese market for Victorian businesses through Australia Post’s joint venture with China Post – Sai Cheng Logistics International. The agreement follows the Victorian Government signing a memorandum of understanding with Australia Post in March 2016 to strengthen eCommerce trade with China.

China is the world’s largest eCommerce market with online retail transactions reaching $US499 billion in 2017, representing a massive opportunity for local businesses to grow exports and create local jobs Sai Cheng will offer Victorian businesses specialised rates across its range of supply chain solutions, including product registration, helping reduce the time frame from six to 25 months down to three to six months. Sai Cheng operates 13 warehouses, nine of which are in free trade zones, across eight cities in China. The company offers warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery services within China and across the globe. Free trade zones are specialised areas where goods can be imported, handled and distributed alongside customs, helping Australian businesses connect to the Chinese market in purpose built facilities, which expedite trade and investment.

The Victorian Government is helping local businesses break into fast growing eCommerce markets by hosting workshops across the state, establishing the Victorian eCommerce Network and bringing key Asian eCommerce players to Victoria. The Victorian Government has also played a key role in attracting Chinese eCommerce investment to Victoria with both JD and Alibaba establishing regional headquarters in Melbourne, and is proud to have Alibaba’s local Managing Director Maggie Zhou as our first Victorian Business ambassador.

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