In the last year, Lockheed Martin has signed five contracts with Ronson Gears under its Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program agreement with the Commonwealth making the gear manufacturer the first-ever Australian company to supply precision gear components that will be carried into space.

Melbourne-based Ronson Gears is providing prototype gears for the Common Solar Array Drive Assembly (CSADA), which will be utilised on several Lockheed Martin satellite platforms. The CSADA performs key functions, including the deployment and rotation of the solar cell arrays that power the spacecraft. This helps ensure they remain optimally positioned towards the Sun. Additionally, Ronson has also been awarded a contract for the delivery of anti-backlash output gears.

Designed to perform with tight tolerances, these components will be integrated into a subassembly that will be used on several satellite programs. “The agreements with Ronson Gears reinforce Lockheed Martin’s commitment to developing Australia’s Space sector,” said Joe North, Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive. Our collaboration with local research and industry partners, like Ronson, demonstrates that Australia has the capabilities here and now to participate in Space.”

Exceeding Qualification Requirements

Lockheed Martin follows a rigorous qualification process to ensure gold standard manufacturing practices. It’s critical that the components it uses are designed to withstand the extreme environment of Space. Ronson Gears has met these standards and has proven its ability to maintain precision over the lifetime of the spacecraft.

“Coming from the automotive industry, it was important that we prioritise innovation and invest in digital technologies that could enhance precision across our production processes – especially for a Space environment,” commented Gavin New, General Manager, Ronson Gears.

“From our first introduction, Lockheed Martin has been collaborative and supported our vision. We’re proud to be the first Australian company to supply precision gear components that will be carried into space.”

Additionally, Gavin New is the most recent graduate of Lockheed Martin’s Program Management Institute (PMI), with Australia being the only non-United States market approved for non-Lockheed Martin employees to attend.

Expanding Global Supply Chains

Because of the pioneering work that companies like Ronson Gears have accomplished, Lockheed Martin Space procurement teams are continually scanning Australia to identify potential technology partners for its global supply chains. This includes everything from machined parts to software and even propulsion technologies.

“The Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program is uniquely Australian and provides the local market with access to Lockheed Martin’s global programs. We’re continuously identifying new opportunities for Ronson Gears to contribute to our missions, and applaud their dedication to supporting innovative initiatives such as IoT technologies,” added Christopher Hess, Head of Industrial Development, Lockheed Martin Australia.

These agreements also represent downstream supply chain opportunities for Ronson Gears’ partners, including Heat Treatment Australia and Electromold Australia. Their hardening processes and magnetic particle inspection, respectively, are evidence of the world-class capabilities available in Australia to the Space industry.

About Ronson Gears

Ronson Gears has a proven track record of supplying quality engineered components, including for the F-35 Engine Removal and Installation Mobility Trailer, which was designed and developed by Melbourne-based Marand Precision Engineering.

Source: Courtesy of Lockheed Martin News Release - 14 September 2020

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As the State Government of Victoria's premier trade facilitation agency, Global Victoria is proud to promote the world-class capabilities of innovative companies like Ronson Gears to international audiences.

  • Since 2014, Ronson Gears attended several of Global Victoria defence missions in both the US and the European Union
  • In 2017 and 2019, Ronson Gears were part of the Victoria Government pavilion at the International Airshow – which included meetings with Lockheed Martin organised by our defence specialist from Washington DC, Karen Loughran.
  • Ronson Gears exhibited at the Victoria Government pavilion at a number of other domestic defence shows, including Land forces 2018 in Adelaide
  • In 2018, the company participated in a defence ‘pitch perfect’ training program organised by Global Victoria
  • Ronson Gears have received one-on-one support from our defence specialist, Karen Loughran based in Washington DC
  • Global Victoria hosted Ronson Gears at the Australian Open Tennis with a select group of Victorian SME defence companies to support their export network
  • Global Victorian provides ongoing support to Ronson Gears from our UK and Washington DC defence specialists on a variety of defence projects.

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