Adjutor Healthcare today announced that they have entered into an agreement for the provision of regulatory and other services to Moderna.

On May 12, 2021, Moderna announced a new supply agreement with the Australian Government for their COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. More recently, Moderna has also announced that it plans to open a commercial subsidiary in Australia in 2021.

“This is something wonderful for Australia and for our team to be involved with.  A project like this is what we live for. We’re very proud to have been chosen by Moderna as their Australian support team for regulatory and commercialisation services and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.” Dr. Rosalie Cull, Adjutor Healthcare CEO

Adjutor Healthcare will be managing the regulatory submission and approval process of the vaccine by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA), as well as providing post-approval regulatory maintenance and other commercialisation services.

About Adjutor Healthcare

Adjutor Healthcare is a Development, Regulatory and Commercialisation consultancy founded by Dr Rosalie Cull, an industry veteran with over 35 years of experience.

The company is based in Melbourne and Auckland, and provides seamless services across the two countries. With international and local associates, Adjutor Healthcare extends its reach into Asia, Europe and the UK, North America and beyond, bringing together bespoke expert teams to meet individual client needs.

Global Victoria is proud to be supporting Adjutor Healthcare at the 2021 BIO Digital Conference which will bring together more than 6,000 participants from 55 countries. The company will have access to BIO's One-on-One Partnering program, which has a proven track-record of facilitating critical business connections in a virtual environment, ensuring global customers achieve their goals.