Global Victoria's inaugural eCommerce Accelerator Program was successfully launched on 30 March 2021 to support 15 Victorian export companies engagement with one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the world – Southeast Asia.

The Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program is helping 15 Victorian export companies engage with Southeast Asia - the world's fastest growing eCommerce economy.

About the Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program

The Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program is part of the Victorian Government's $15.7 million Export Recovery Package (ERP) launched on 13 September 2020.
The ERP aims to connect Victorian businesses to international markets through Virtual Trade Missions (VTMs), eCommerce, and the Global Gateway Program, and assist them to adapt their export strategies to respond to the rapidly changing global market.

Hosted by service partners, Momentum Commerce, and focusing on the markets of Singapore and Malaysia, the Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program will onboard Victorian exporters in key industry sectors to establish a presence for their products online across the major markets of Southeast Asia. The program also includes demand generation initiatives to create awareness and drive outcomes for the companies participating in the program.

The direct outcome of the program will be increased export sales in key industry sectors, as well as establishing a route to market for additional Victorian exporters looking to take advantage of eCommerce opportunities in the future.

The Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program is innovative in its delivery model, and is designed to provide a high level of practical support and customisation for participating exporters. The program addresses current themes relating to:

Why Southeast Asia?

With a population of more than 650 million people, Southeast Asia represents one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets in the world.

The internet economy soared to $100 billion for the first time in 2019, more than tripling in size over the last four years. With limited access to products through traditional offline shopping methods due to restrictions as a result of the pandemic, the utilisation of eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia has grown rapidly. Promotional campaigns for eCommerce focused on key shopping days (i.e. 11/11 and 12/12) saw sales triple and over 40 million users each day on the regional platforms Shopee and Lazada.

Learn more about Southeast Asia and emerging opportunities for Victorian exporters.

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