It was the intersection of three motivators that inspired HydroTerra founder and Managing Director, Richard Campbell, to start a company specialising in environmental monitoring.

The first was born from the many years that Richard (pictured) spent in both environmental consultancy and as an EPA accredited auditor. His experience during this time demonstrated that compliance and good operations were often curtailed by a lack of understanding about available monitoring technologies. It was these insights that revealed to Richard a gap in industry and a need that his company, HydroTerra was destined to fulfill.Richard Campbell Managing Director and Founder of HydroTerra

Richard’s second and third motivators were born from his genuine thirst for knowledge about new and emerging technology, and dedication to saving our natural environment for future generations.

Spanning close to two decades since HydroTerra was formed in 2004, the company’s success in Australia, and proudest achievements include the release of their DataStream™ product – a reliable integrated monitoring service combining best-of-breed technology with competent technical support to provide data in a format their customers want and need.

Connecting great minds with great technology

The company’s dedication to connecting great minds with great technologies through its partnerships program has helped solve many industry and community challenges by leveraging its unique networks and ability to link research institutions, technology companies, clients and suppliers. The program includes work with The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in New South Wales and establishing the Yarra Catchment Partners Group involving the Yarra River Keeper Association, Zoos Victoria and The Mulloon Institute.

Unique to the Australian market is HydroTerra’s end-to-end monitoring system design consultancy that offers clients design, specification development, installation, integration and long-term data management and has been applied to some of the biggest environmental management challenges in the country, such as monitoring the impacts of coal seam gas extraction in Queensland.

World-leading international collaborations

With a vision to be the leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions helping create a more efficient and sustainable future, HydroTerra’s international success has seen the company collaborate with world-leading engineering consultancy firms to design and implement state-of-the-art mine site monitoring systems, such as the Ok Tedi Mining project in Papua New Guinea, as well as providing customised groundwater packer systems for groundwater research in the Pacific Islands.

Plans to expand and diversify

HydroTerra’s biggest export markets include New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, and while the greatest challenge the company have faced during its export journey is finding more international research and engineering consultancy firms to collaborate with, their participation in Global Victoria’s Cleantech Expo Business Matching Program has been an effective way to meet potential clients in ASEAN – a region the company is aspiring to expand their international operations. The program was very effective at identifying consulting and research organisations with which HydroTerra could potentially work.

HydroTerra are currently exploring opportunities to identify collaborative research projects with the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) as a direct result of introductions that Global Victoria facilitated.

Their advice for companies looking to go global? Lever off existing relationships with Australian-based multi-nationals to expand into foreign markets, reach out to the team at Global Victoria to facilitate introductions to your target market, and make sure your value proposition is clearly defined in your marketing materials.

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