It’s official – yet again!

Melbourne has been crowned the EdTech centre of Australia according to this year’s HolonIQ Australia and New Zealand EdTech 50 report.

"The Australia & New Zealand EdTech 50 is focused on identifying young, fast growing and innovative learning and up-skilling start-ups working in the region." HolonIQ

The report comprises 50 of the most innovative and promising EdTech startups from Australia and New Zealand.

In this year's 2021 report, 19 Victorian EdTech companies feature in the year’s ranking. This is 46 per cent of the Australian EdTech companies selected, punching well above Victoria’s 33 per cent national market share.

Each company is assessed against:

  1. Market: The quality and relative attractiveness of the specific market in which the company competes.
  2. Product: The quality and uniqueness of the product itself.
  3. Team: The expertise and diversity of the team.
  4. Capital: The financial health of the company and in particular its ability to generate or secure sufficient resources.
  5. Momentum: Positive changes in the size, velocity and impact of the company over time.

With ongoing and strong support from the Victorian Government, our State has become a global trailblazer in EdTech, with industry capabilities centred on education leadership, enhanced capabilities to deliver EdTech solutions, and a strong reputation in the international education sector.

From uses of advanced technology in learning to workforce up-skilling, international education, testing and credentials and online learning, startups in the 2021 cohort are delivering value to learners and institutions across the learner journey. HolonIQ1

Edtech Opportunities to Go Global are Growing 

There are exciting and rapidly emerging opportunities for Victorian EdTech companies to support education outcomes in global markets and, equally, there are increasing opportunities for international partners to work with, collaborate and invest in Victoria’s vibrant EdTech sector.

Global investment in EdTech has increased from $500m in 2010 to $7bn in 2019, with predicted expenditure of $341bn on EdTech in 20252.

As population growth and rapidly changing skill needs drive demand for innovation in education services, as well as digital acceleration due to the pandemic, the global EdTech market will continue to expand.

With global demand for micro-credentials, industry-specific courses and shorter and more flexible programs, it will become increasingly important for the education sector to ensure learners are well equipped for the needs of the future.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - providing the world with innovative online learning solutions

Victoria’s Global Education Network and new Study Melbourne hubs in key markets is unrivalled among Australia’s states and territories, and is uniquely placed to support Victorian EdTech companies in market and learners around the world.