Emergency service solutions

Victoria has capabilities in Emergency Management Services Solutions. A key Victorian Government project is the Information Interoperability Blueprint.

The objective of all emergency management activities in Victoria is to reduce the impact of emergencies on human life, communities, essential and community infrastructure and the environment. Providing timely, tailored and relevant emergency information to communities, individuals and families  is integral to enabling them make effective decisions before, during and after emergencies.

The Information Interoperability Blueprint is the strategy for the future provision of information and warnings, for all emergencies in Victoria. It sets the direction and enables Victoria's emergency services to work better together, with the community, government, not for profit and private  organisations. The community is rightly at the centre as providers of information, local capability and receivers of information. The Blueprint articulates the approach to delivering information to communities before, during and after emergencies.

It proposes a platform for realising a common operating picture and enabling effective decision making for emergency management in Victoria. The platform aims to enable the sharing of information pertinent to an emergency, as well as the creation of tools for combining, processing and analysing this information in order to provide decision makers with added insight. It has the principle of resilience, using a scalable, secure, highly available and redundant architecture based on a cloud computing infrastructure.

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