Intelligent Transport Solutions capabilities

Victorians are some of the most intensive users of technology and telecommunications in the world and have access to world-class 3G and 4G mobile networks. This combined with Victoria's growing reputation as one of the world's most attractive destinations for digital tech investment puts Victoria in a position to develop, test and deploy a variety of innovative transport connectivity technologies.

Melbourne has a strong history of delivering great Intelligent Transport Solution (ITS) technology and was among the first cities in the world to introduce multi-lane free flow tolling. Our world-leading managed motorway network provides the backbone for efficiently moving people and goods across our network.

We also have the world's largest continually operating tram network and the innovative tracker app provides real-time timetable information – a convenient tool for the travelling public.

Victoria is a diverse, flexible and resilient economy and has a number of competitive advantages that can enable innovation in ITS, including:

  • world-class industries
  • a highly skilled workforce and multicultural population
  • proximity to the fast-growing Asia Pacific region
  • good transport networks with well-connected cities and regions
  • access to productive agricultural land and energy resources
  • high quality food security
  • high quality manufacturing.

Expertise in Victoria exists across manufacturing processes, advanced material and autonomous systems, which can assist firms wanting to explore new products, service offering or implement better ways to manufacture goods.

Victoria has a range of diverse and innovative transport technology solutions such as:

  • traffic software and communications
  • route planning and scheduling
  • supply chain management
  • telecommunications infrastructure
  • smart car technology.

Find out more about Victoria's ITS capabilities by downloading the Victorian ITS Capabilities Guide PDF, 2.3 MB

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