Victoria's beef and sheep products are world renowned for their quality. We are Austraila's largest lamb producer and world-class producer of beef.

BeefThe red meat sector is well established, quality assured , innovative, globally connected  is the dairy heartland of Australia and the nation's largest producer of high-quality, naturally grown lamb, producing some of the world's most premium lean, pasture-fed beef.

With access to world-class research and development facilities, Victoria's meat industry is backed by advanced infrastructure, government support, and a range of policies to ensure the strictest food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and environmental regulations are met.

Export ready
  • Australia is the world’s largest exporter of beef and lamb products, including high-value, world-class chilled beef and lamb.
  • Victoria has world-class export infrastructure and is home to Australia’s largest container and general cargo port in Melbourne, as well as Portland and Geelong.
  • Victoria is a gateway to Asia and the Middle East with strong relationships and low freight costs to key Asian economies.
  • Victoria is well-placed to take advantage of growing global demand for high-quality, protein-rich meat.
  • The value of wool traded in Melbourne in 2015-16 was $1.25 billion.
Highest quality

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grades Australian beef and lamb based on 700,000 consumer taste tests across nine countries. This is one of the reasons why Victoria’s beef and sheep products are world renowned for their excellent eating quality.

Victoria benefits from industry and government-supported beef and sheep programs, which maximises efficiency and the quality of processed meat. Victoria also benefits from RD&E investment. Victoria’s climate and high rainfall are ideal for grass-fed beef and sheep production.

Victoria is known for its high quality genetics and for its superior quality cattle, which are used in high value products.


There are potentially significant gains to be made for the red meat industries in relation to market access arrangements, including an Australian / EU Free Trade Agreement on which negotiations will soon commence.

Fast facts

  • Meat exports from Victoria were valued at $3.3 billion in 2017-18 - an increase of $910 million on 2016-17
  • Sheep meat worth $1.4 billion and beef ($1.3 billion) were the most valuable meat categories comprising 83 per cent of Victorian meat exports in 2017-18
  • The value of beef production in Victoria has increased by 63 per cent since 2010-11 to reach $2.24 billion in 2015-16

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