Drug discovery and development

Victoria is a leading generator and developer of new ideas contributing to the global pipeline of new drugs.

Collaborations between Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and US companies Abbvie and Genentech converted 30 years of research into an internationally approved leukaemia treatment, recently released under the name VENCLAXTA™.

The State has proven expertise across all stages of the drug discovery process. Victorian companies are well regarded and highly sought after by global pharmaceutical companies, with about 200 clinical and pre-clinical programs being currently run by Victorian biotechnology companies.

Research and development leader

  • The Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Science (MIPS) is the largest and one of the most successful pharmaceutical sciences research institutes in the world. MIPS focuses on oncology, infectious disease, pain and inflammation, neuroscience and metabolic disease.
  • The Cancer Therapeutics Cooperative Research Centre announced a multi-million dollar licensing deal with MSD (Merck), to develop a promising new group of drugs which have clinical potential in both cancer and non-cancer blood disorders.
  • Global biotechnology company CSL announced that it would house its new Global Research and Translational Medicine Hub at the University of Melbourne's Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute.
  • The Walter and Eliza Hall high throughput screening facility and medicinal chemistry laboratory works in the early stages of drug discovery and development, from hit discovery to pre-clinical assessment.

Advanced and specialised manufacturing

Melbourne is home to more than 22 pharmaceutical manufacturers including several contract manufacturers providing specialised pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities. In early 2017, Victorian Government supported the establishment of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, focused on drug optimisation and advanced manufacturing.

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