Water and environmental management

As the driest continent on the planet, Australia is renowned for having some of the world's highest environmental standards. Decades of reforms, technology development, policy change and new investment has positioned Victoria as a world leader in water management with a wealth of expertise, products  and services.

Our world-class collaborative infrastructure provides opportunities for effective partnerships between our leading universities and a range of businesses within the sector to take key water management research through to application and commercialisation.

There are significant opportunities for Victoria to share its lessons with countries around the world facing water challenges, and we're creating new trade opportunities by sharing expertise in managing climate extremes with the USA, across the Asia Pacific region,  India, South America and Africa.

Victoria already provides its experience and policy expertise in:

  • strong regulatory frameworks that protect public health and the environment
  • well-established and transparent institutions and pricing arrangements
  • understanding of water availability and climate dependence
  • waterefficiency and world-class infrastructure
  • formal water entitlement frameworks, including a water trading system and water markets
  • managing water as a commodity
  • water rights and environmental policy
  • water efficiency
  • research
  • integrated water planning
  • technological innovation, data and smart technology to inform decision making
  • local-scale water management solutions
  • community engagement.

Australian Water Partnership

As countries across the globe face the challenges of managing their water, Victoria will provide its experience and policy expertise in water management through the Australian  Water Partnership.

Fast facts

  • Victoria's water entitlement system licences the use of both surface water and groundwater to farmers, water authorities and the environment. With a price on water and an open market for water trading, individuals, businesses and government can manage their risks and make decisions about how to efficiently    use Victoria's precious water resources.
  • The Connections Project – the A$2 billion upgrade of the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMD) – Victoria's largest irrigation system – is one of the most advanced irrigation systems in the world, enabling farmers to order water by mobile phone and automatically water crops to specified saturation levels, saving 430 billion litres per year – equivalent to Melbourne's total annual water consumption.

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