Premium product capabilities

Victoria accounts for 23 per cent of Australia's retail sales, and is worth A$4.6 billion to the state's economy

Victoria continues to innovate and produce a range of premium products suitable for eCommerce including:

  • Beauty products - Victoria is home to many global brands such as Goat Soap Australia, AESOP, Sukin and CROP that provide quality beauty products to consumers.
  • Supplements and well-being products - Victoria produces a wide range of supplement and well-being products with global brands supplying markets around the world.
  • Food and wine - Victoria is known globally for its safe, reliable and high-quality food and wine products.

Discover how your business can import from Victoria

  • Our network of Victorian Government Trade and Investments (VGTI) offices are located around the globe and provide tailored market intelligence, insights and guidance for your import business, and investment in Victoria. VGTI can also connect you with Victorian exporters and industry partners.