Zinc at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

At a time when most people cannot remember the last time they stepped foot into their local bank branch, the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) asks the critical question: What do consumers actually want from their banks in 2019?

Whilst banks play a fundamental role in facilitating economic growth, they've also historically played an integral role in supporting local communities. However, with the banking industry under scrutiny globally, and financial institutions offering an array of products to customers (many of them complex financial instruments which are either underutilised or misunderstood by the public), the traditional strong bonds between consumers and banks has waned.

Digital innovation is transforming the way we bank. Customers no longer compare one bank's offering to another's, but compare their services to other digital offerings such as Deliveroo or Amazon.

The ABCC is delighted to bring together an expert panel to discuss the critical questions of what customers actually want from their bank, if banks are actually delivering these services and how are they prepared to meet the needs of Australian consumers in the future.


Krissie Jones - Executive General Manager Retail, National Australia Bank
Professor Carsten Murawski - Economist, The University of Melbourne
Alex Trott - Managing Director, Financial Services, Accenture

Event details

Date: Wednesday 28 August 2019
Venue: Zinc at Federation Square Melbourne
Time:  12 pm to 2 pm
Cost: members $170, non-members $220

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