Melbourne, Australia

The Council for Australian-Arab Relations (CAAR) works to enhance Australia's economic, cultural and social relations with the Arab world.

Through its grants scheme, CAAR supports projects which lead to greater mutual understanding and cooperation between Australia and the Arab world on an individual or institutional level.

Applicants of the CAAR Grants Program should seek to contribute to the Council's strategic objectives:

  • Empowering the peoples of Australia and the Arab world to develop a holistic and contemporary mutual understanding
  • Supporting positive and collaborative relationships between Australia's Arab diaspora communities and the broader Australian community
  • Supporting activities that encourage increased trade and investment between the two regions.

Applications must also serve a CAAR Flagship Program and/or address a CAAR Priority Sector.

The CAAR Flagship Programs are:

  • CAAR Speakers
  • CAAR Visitors
  • CAAR Exchanges
  • Women in Leadership.
2019-2020 Priority Sectors

CAAR Priority Sectors for the 2019-2020 Grant Round are:

  • Innovation and Sustainability
  • Arts and Culture
  • Social Change.

Grants scheme details

Applications open: 1 February 20019
Applications close: 18 March 2019
Level of funding: the level of funding awarded will be decided on the merits of the proposal and will generally be between $10,000 and $40,000.

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