London, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) invites you to participate in Catalysts 2019.

Taking place in the UK, businesses will have opportunities to engage with the Australian and British health and infrastructure sectors against a backdrop of digital technology that's revolutionising both these industries. Harness ideas shared by senior corporate and government representatives who will develop and deliver a return on knowledge through collaboration and exchange of innovative initiatives.

Event details

Australian British Health Catalysts 2019

8-11 July London & Cambridge

Australia and the UK face similar challenges: ageing populations, increased health costs and pressures on Government and Health Insurance funding. The Catalyst will examine how digital technology is revolutionising the sector from better management of records, facilities and diagnoses, through to better patient engagement and outcomes.

Aimed at healthcare leaders from Australia and the UK including Government, industry, academics, innovators, technology and research experts, keen to share knowledge in dealing with these issues, and drive innovative solutions.

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Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst 2019

30 September – 3 October 2019 London

The Catalyst will examine the challenges facing the Australian and British infrastructure sectors against a backdrop of advancing technology, Brexit and a potential future free trade agreement.

It will bring together Australian and British infrastructure sectors, including infrastructure experts, financiers, government and major project proponents, to share knowledge, best practice and foster collaboration with their international counterparts.

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