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The Australia China Business Council's Podcast series is a selection of interviews with business leaders engaged with, or making headway into, the China market.

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Graham Fletcher - Australia’s new ambassador to China
On this episode, the ACBC have the privilege of sitting down with Australia’s new ambassador to China Mr Graham Fletcher. In this chat, they discuss some of the protocols and job duties of being an ambassador and also how the embassy and consulates in China serve Australians and Australian business in China.

ACBC ask Graham about the unique aspects of the role of being an ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, whether political ups and downs in the relationship affect business and what impact an individual can have on the role of ambassador.

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Matthew McKenzie - Bright Food Asia

In this third and final part of ACBC's market entry mini-series, they discuss how a business can ensure long-term success by committing to the market.

ACBC is joined by China product expert Matthew McKenzie to discuss market presence, hiring staff, company registration, payment, changing regulations, organic certification, new retail, digital marketing, Australian successful stories and the importance of timing.

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James Hudson - Alibaba

On this week’s episode, ACBC sits down with James Hudson from Alibaba – China's biggest eCommerce company, and one of the world’s most dynamic shopping and retail innovators.

ACBC speak with James about the various platforms on the Alibaba ecosystem, and which ones are relevant to both emerging and more established Australian brands. They discuss the revolutionary new retail Hema Fresh Supermarkets, Alibaba’s eCommerce Expo and how November 11th’s Singles Day has become such a monumental event in China’s cultural and consumer world.

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Michelle Garnaut - M on the Bund

ACBC sit down with a true legend of Australia-China business.

Michelle Garnaut is one of the most respected and recognised restaurateurs in Asia and was described by Time magazine as “an industry celebrity” as well as “the pioneer of China’s fashionable-dining scene”.

With over 30 years’ experience covering every facet of the service industry, from dish washing to cooking, from waiting tables to bar tending, from marketing to management, Michelle founded M at the Fringe in Hong Kong (1989-2009) M on the Bund (1999) and Capital M in Beijing (2009). Each becoming an icon in its city.

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