This is a virtual program, Australia, India

Applications have now opened for Victorian smart energy Startups and Scaleups to attend Global Victoria's and Startupbootcamp's (SBC) online event, Connecting the Victorian and Indian Smart Energy Ecosystems.

The event is designed to foster deeper business connections, encourage sharing of technology and ideas and to promote economic activity and collaborations in the energy sector between Victorian and Indian Smart Energy ecosystems.

“We are looking for leading-edge Victorian and Indian startups to participate in this reciprocal process of exchanging ideas and collaborating with each other and looking for commercial opportunities. On the demand side, Smart Energy solutions are focused toward better efficiency in the home, office and factory, creation of demand response solutions and providing real-time data to enable better decision making.” Trevor Townsend, CEO Startupbootcamp Australia

The Smart Energy startups are working on solutions that provide software to enhance the integration of the renewables into the grid, though local production and storage, micro-grids and community storage, virtual power plants, and distribution and grid-level optimisation software to better manage stability and resilience of supply.

The energy sector is undergoing a major transformation with a heightened awareness of climate change and the affordability of renewable energy solutions for consumers and small businesses.

The opportunity for Victoria to be a leader in the clean energy transition requires building and fostering a strong ecosystem of companies that are focused on bringing new and innovative solutions to the market and creating economic benefit and export opportunities.

Startupbootcamp will work closely with its Indian partners to deliver an engaging and collaborative program.

“Global Victoria is pleased to partner with Startupbootcamp on this project which aims to develop closer connections between Victoria’s and India’s innovation ecosystems in line with Victoria’s India Strategy. It builds on our mutual expertise in smart energy technology and aims to capitalise on global trade and investment opportunities.” 
Gönül Serbest, CEO Global Victoria

“Now in its third year, the program is a unique opportunity for Victorian and Indian startups and scaleups to gain in-depth exposure to trade and investment opportunities in the energy sector. The program will provide companies with an in-depth understanding of market opportunities, explore how Victoria and India can innovate to solve shared energy problems through smart solutions and open important corporate connections.”
Michelle Wade, the Victorian Government's Commissioner for Victoria to South Asia

Program overview

The program will see Victorian Startups and Scaleups working collaboratively on commercialisation opportunities with key Indian energy ecosystem players, including:

  • TataPower
  • Shell
  • Schneider Electric
  • General Electric
  • Sunpower Renewables
  • government officials, mentors and investors.

We are also honoured to have Manoj Kohli, Country Head of Softbank India contribute to the program.

The program will enable Victorian and Indian energy startups and companies to participate in three key initiatives.

1. The Victorian Startup In-market Immersion GrowthLab to India.

The Smart Energy Victorian Startup In-market Immersion GrowthLabto India will see Victorian startups working collaboratively on commercialisation opportunities with major energy companies, government officials, mentors, and investors in India.

Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), this GrowthLab will be held virtually, delivered by SBC using their proven world-class digital platform.

2. The Indian Startup In-market Immersion GrowthLab to Victoria, Australia.

The Smart Energy Indian Startup In-market Immersion GrowthLab to Victoria will align with the EnergyTech Hub GrowthLab program, giving Indian startups direct exposure to its members and investor network, and the opportunity to work on collaborative projects and find co-investment opportunities with key Victorian ecosystem players.

Tailored sessions and events will focus on current challenges that both local and global collaboration can solve.

3. Victoria Promotion and Recruitment Tour for Indian Startups.

The third initiative is designed to promote the Victorian ecosystem to India by extending Startupbootcamp’s FastTrack tour for virtual selection of Indian Startups to join the SBC EnergyNext accelerator program due to commence towards the end of this year.

This will see an increased number of FastTrack events held in various Indian cities to attract startups considering  expanding their operations in the Victorian and Australian ecosystem.

Applications are now open

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Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more information, please contact the Program Director in Melbourne or Global Victoria's Manager for South Asia and MENA, James Edwards.

Applications close: 30 October 2020