Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia

The Victorian Government, through Global Victoria is proud to support the 2020 Alibaba eCommerce Expo taking place in March 2020.

China spends and shops online more than any other country. Online sales were approximately USD750 billion last year, according to eMarketer, representing 16 percent of China’s total retail sales, the highest proportion in the world and expected to exceed one-third of all retail sales by 2020.

Why exhibit at Alibaba Ecosystem Expo?

It’s never been easier to export to China, for one reason – eCommerce.

Rising consumer spending power and an enthusiasm for online shopping and international travel are compelling reasons to tap into the world’s largest consumer market. China is in the midst of a transformation that presents an unprecedented opportunity for Australian and New Zealand businesses.

China's middle class is already around the size of the entire population of Australia and the U.S. combined and expected to double by 2020. They're discerning. They want high-quality, imported products and international tourism experiences. And they're looking for them online.

Research by BCG and AliResearch, indicates that eCommerce will become an even more important retail channel in the future, driving 42% of total consumption growth, with 90% of that growth coming from mobile eCommerce.

Chinese online shoppers are increasingly purchasing goods directly from overseas merchants selling through online marketplaces such as Alibaba’s Tmall, Tmall Global and Taobao Global. This trend, called “cross-border eCommerce,” is gathering steam partly due to reduced trade barriers.

Attracting buyers and service partners from across the Alibaba ecosystem, the Alibaba eCommerce Expo is the ideal opportunity to connect with future partners to grow your business.

What types of businesses should exhibit?

  • Brands and small businesses interested in selling directly to China's consumers or through agents or distributors
  • Agribusinesses who want to sell fresh food, packaged food or agricultural products to China's consumers
  • Travel or hospitality companies interested in attracting Chinese tourists

Expo details

Date: 27 to 28 March 2020 
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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For further information and to answer any questions you might have, contact Roy Huang by sending him an email.