Trade Routes is a global growth capacity-building and activation program funded by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions (DJPR), co-designed with the Indigenous business community and delivered in collaboration with RMIT Activator.

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Trade Routes offers Indigenous business owners a unique opportunity to take their operations to the next level, scaling-up and exploring strategic national and global growth possibilities. The program is action-oriented and hands-on, with a focus on driving sustainable business outcomes at home and within international markets.

Trade Routes is a nine-month program where participants will work with industry growth experts to:

  • Identify and prioritise opportunities for global growth
  • Develop a personalised global growth plan
  • Build the capabilities and connections needed to pursue your growth plan
  • Build and activate the business model required to go-to-market and realise your global growth ambition.

What makes this program unique?

In advancing indigenous economic participation and independence, we draw heavily on the Indigenous community's expertise to ensure culturally-aligned support for the participants. This program is also designed to be action-oriented and hands-on with a focus on business outcomes.

Trade Route's prioritisation of Indigenous facilitators, mentors and experts undertaking community consultation, co-design and co-facilitation build the enterprise and capabilities needed whilst transferring proven knowledge and capability back into the community, hence building long-term value and connection.

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