The Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program will provide Victorian exporters with the opportunity to be onboarded on leading eCommerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Companies will work with in-market experts to build an integrated eCommerce marketing and distribution strategy specific to Southeast Asia. The program will have a strong focus on Singapore and Malaysia.

Map of Southeast Asia

The program is designed to onboard and promote Victorian brands on major eCommerce platforms in Singapore and Malaysia.

If you are currently exporting to the region via traditional channels (i.e. bricks and mortar), or if you have had success selling via eCommerce in other regions and would like to expand into Southeast Asia, now is the time to start building your eCommerce strategy and online presence in the region.

Throughout this program, you will work with in-market eCommerce experts to build an integrated eCommerce marketing and distribution strategy and onboard on to at least one major eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia. This includes the formulation of a marketing plan that will be executed during the 12-week program.

To be eligible, exporters must have product registrations in place in either Singapore or Malaysia. It would be preferable for companies to have some product in these markets, or in the region generally, and have distribution arrangements in place allowing them to get product to market.

Exporters must be able to demonstrate that they have a long-term plan in place for doing business in Southeast Asia, showing long-term commitment to the market beyond the course of the program.

What types of businesses should attend?

Victorian companies who are currently exporting to Southeast Asia, or have product registration in place for Singapore and/or Malaysia in the following categories are invited to apply:

  • beauty – cosmetics and skincare
  • nutraceuticals and health supplements
  • non-fresh food, such as powdered milk.

Why should you attend?

Through participating in this program, you will

  • be successfully onboarded to at least one major eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia
  • build an integrated eCommerce marketing and distribution strategy specific to Southeast Asia
  • promote your brand to a highly engaged market
  • build your presence in market
  • learn how to execute a marketing plan specific to eCommerce.

What's included?

A maximum of 20 successful Victorian companies will be provided with the opportunity to participate in the Southeast Asia eCommerce Accelerator Program, which includes:

  • consultations with in-market eCommerce expert
  • formulation of an integrated eCommerce marketing and distribution strategy
  • execution of marketing plan
  • program-wide promotional events on eCommerce platform
  • guidance with operating your online store.

Please note that companies will be required to nominate one representative for the life of the program that will work with the in-market eCommerce expert.


  • An evaluation form will be distributed post program; all companies must agree to complete the evaluation.
  • Global Victoria will conduct post-program follow up meetings with program participants.
  • Companies will be provided with a final report delivered by the service provider.

What's not included?

Companies will be responsible for any costs associated with the sale of their goods on eCommerce platforms during the program. This includes costs associated with warehousing, shipping and logistics, platform commissions and any additional advertising or marketing activity outside of the program. It is a requirement of the program that participating companies have complied with local registration and import requirements.

Companies will be responsible for loading all product information on to the platform; guidance will be provided to do so.

Once the 12-week program is complete, companies are responsible for maintaining their presence on eCommerce platforms should they wish to do so. Global Victoria will not cover any costs associated with platform fees or continued work with the service provider.

Program details

Dates: 22 March to 30 June 2021
Applications open: 22 February 2021
Applications close: 10 March 2021

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Want to know more?

For more information about the program, contact our Program Advisor, International Market Development, Elizabeth Moffat by sending her an email.