Victoria is a truly magnificent place to live, work and study.

From life-saving pharmaceutical and state-of-the-art tech solutions to architectural excellence and safe, green, delicious produce, our exporters industry-wide have earned a global reputation as innovative, smart, savvy and dedicated professionals who speak your language and understand your market.

An open and progressive society with a collaborative spirit

Birds eye view of Melbourne at sunset across the Yarra River with the city buildings and Arts Centre in the distance.

With an abundance of diverse and natural resources at our fingertips, a world-class education system and a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, Victoria has earned a global reputation for its premium goods and trusted services.

Home to one of the most culturally diverse societies in the world, Victorians are open-minded people with a passion that drives them to excel.

Our State is an incubator of ideas that brings people together to experiment, research, collaborate, design and break boundaries to ultimately produce world-class products and services for people and communities worldwide.

One of the easiest, safest, and most transparent locations in the world to conduct business

A stable economy, advanced infrastructure, large talent pool and strong government support make Victoria a smart choice for doing business.

Australia is one of the easiest and safest places to do business in the world. We have one of the most transparent and well-regulated business environments and our country's sound legal and governance frameworks, combined with our political stability provide a secure investment and business environment. We also rank highly for fair administration of justice, safeguarding of personal security and protection of property rights.

Our financial services sector is large and sophisticated, and our currency is among the most highly traded in the world. We have well-established open-market policies and large global trade and investment flows, and we are closely engaged with our Asia Pacific neighbours.

Low-risk, clean and safe

Sun rises over the Yarra Valley vineyards in regional Victoria

We have some of the world's cleanest, greenest and safest food and fibre products, built on the highest quality biosecurity, safety and reliability standards, and strong environmental protection.

Home to over 40 food research centres, our food producers are early adopters of cutting-edge technologies in areas such as water management, food manufacturing and packaging.

The world's top-performing companies choose Victoria

Juggernaut companies such as Google, Pfizer, Columbia Pictures, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and FIFA have all chosen to partner with Victorian businesses, research institutions and universities. Our cosmopolitan city of Melbourne continues to be the number one choice for a large number of both domestic and foreign-owned businesses.

World-class infrastructure

Home to Australia's largest curfew-free airport and container port, we offer world-class freight and logistics infrastructure to take the headache out of exporting and simplify getting your goods from point A to point B.

Melbourne Airport is located just 25 minutes by road from Melbourne's city centre. Our second airport, Avalon, is 40 minutes by road and services one of Australia's low-cost domestic carriers catering for a large influx of passengers and freight.

Port of Melbourne is located on the doorstep of our city centre, is well-connected, and is equipped to handle the movement of goods efficiently and reliably.

Backed by robust government support

The Victorian Government is committed to working with and building the capability of Victorian exporters to strengthen partnerships with industry and global markets.

Connecting you to global possibilities

Global Victoria's team from its network of 24 international trade and investment offices, including our HQs in Melbourne, can connect you with Victoria's premium producers, growers, service providers and educational institutions.

We can open doors, help you navigate regulations and assist your business to achieve success.