Letter from the Minister for Trade and Investment

Exporting is great for Victoria – for workers, for business and for the community as a whole. We have a rich history of trade and global engagement, from millennia-old Aboriginal trade routes, to when our key exports included wool and gold, and today we are just as proud of our diverse exporting strengths. Our high-quality goods and services from world-leading industries continue to find their way to all corners of the globe.

Exporting is critical to our state and to Victoria’s economic recovery and growth. Victoria’s exports reached an all-time high of more than $60.4 billion prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting around 1 in 9 Victorian jobs and accounting for 10 per cent of GSP. We know that exporting leads to faster growth for businesses and more higher paying and meaningful jobs – bolstering our industries and enriching the lives of Victorian workers.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian Government supported exporters through our $15.7 million Export Recovery Package (ERP). Global Victoria, the state’s trade facilitation and promotion agency, delivered an innovative suite of ERP programs, helping exporters to successfully adapt their export strategies and respond to rapidly changing global markets.

Victoria is proud to have established the largest international network of any Australian State or Territory, an international presence that delivers significant value to our state through trade, investment and global engagement. Every dollar invested in the network has returned $40 to the Victorian economy. We continue to build on the success of our global network and are establishing a new office in Paris to create opportunities for Victoria to further benefit from increased trade and investment with European markets.

While ongoing COVID-19 impacts and global disruption have challenged Victoria’s trade recovery, the outlook remains positive. There are significant opportunities to be seized in global markets and significant opportunities for more Victorian businesses to participate in the benefits of global trade.

There is still much work to be done to see the benefits of exporting spread further and deeper across our state. That is why I am proud to introduce this document, Global Victoria = Your Export Partner.

The document sets out how Global Victoria can help Victorian exporters and trusted partners to re-engage, grow and connect with global opportunities. Global Victoria is your ‘go to’ for everything trade and global engagement and I strongly encourage you to read Global Victoria = Your Export Partner to find out how Global Victoria can support you on your export journey.

Tim Pallas MP
Minister for Trade and Investment

Global Victoria Former CEO Foreword

At Global Victoria, we’re all about making your global business ambitions a reality. I am honoured to lead such a diverse, innovative, highly-skilled and passionate group of trade specialists spanning 23 offices across the globe.

We have fostered relationships and networks with the right people across the world and can connect your business with the in-market contacts you need to take your export business to the next level. You have access to our specialist teams in Victoria and around the world, free of charge, to help pave your way to export success.

We’re all about collaboration and we amplify our impact by working with like-minded partners, such as bilateral chambers and industry associations, to leverage opportunities and create further value for Victorian exporters.

Global Victoria has developed a range of programs aimed at all types of exporters, from small-scale enterprises all the way to major international players. Our trade facilitation initiatives are proven and effective in delivering trade outcomes.

In the last nine years, our dedicated team have supported over 18,700 clients to access global markets and benefit from our programs and initiatives. We know that participation in our trade missions is followed by an increase in export sales of between 79.9 to 106.5 per cent.

Whatever your needs, visit the Global Victoria website, and connect with our team to take the first or next step on your exporting journey.

If you want to expand your global horizons, Global Victoria = Your Export Partner, provides advice, guidance and support to strengthen your export capabilities. We invite you to partner with us to Take on the World.

Gönül Serbest
Former Chief Executive Officer, Global Victoria

The benefits of exporting

By exporting, you can diversify your customer and market base which can help you get through downturns, retain your talent, and keep you at the forefront of technology and global best practice. International exposure can help your business become more efficient, improve technology transfer and drive innovation, leading to higher productivity and high-value, meaningful jobs. On average exporters pay 17 per cent higher wages than non-exporters and provide greater job security. Whether you are just starting out or if you are established on your export journey, Global Victoria’s team, services and programs can support you to make connections with new customers and new markets to grow your business.

Case Study: That’s Amore

Global Victoria has been supporting the global aspirations of Melbourne-based company, That’s Amore Cheese for over 5 years. Founded in 2008 by passionate artisanal cheese maker and Italian immigrant, Giorgio Linguanti, the multi award-winning company manufactures a range of Italian-style soft curd cheeses in Whittlesea.

Global Victoria has supported Amore Cheese by showcasing their premium products at major international food shows and connecting them with potential overseas buyers.

Offering halal-certified and preservative-free cheeses, That’s Amore Cheese has attracted strong interest from discerning overseas buyers seeking premium quality, traceable and safe dairy products for their retail and food service industries.

The company’s participation in Global Victoria’s trade missions has played a key role in the business’ export success in Asian markets, including in Singapore and Korea. That’s Amore has participated in Global Victoria’s trade missions to Food and Hotel Asia, Foodex Japan, SIAL China and Food and Hotel Vietnam in recent years.

That’s Amore met significant challenges when attempting to tap into the lucrative Southeast Asia and China markets. However, Global Victoria’s team from Melbourne and Southeast Asia supported the company by introducing them to major food service importers. In addition, Global Victoria’s China team helped the company succeed in exporting a range of their products following an introduction in Chengdu.

Global Victoria is proud to support That's Amore Cheese's international success.

Visit That's Amore Cheese website to learn more about the company.

Global Victoria’s role

As the State Government of Victoria's trade facilitation and promotion agency and gateway to global economies and communities, we provide a range of services to support Victorian businesses to go global.

Our mission is to: ·

  • Build the skills and knowledge of people and businesses to help them achieve their global ambitions – Global Victoria supports exporters and partners across key markets to help grow the value of Victorian exports, leading to more businesses exporting and further growth in jobs. ·
  • Connect Victorian businesses to global networks and markets – Global Victoria opens doors to new opportunities. We help you make the right connections to buyers, investors, influencers and governments globally.
  • Champion the interests of Victorian exporters on a global stage – We advocate for the reduction of trade barriers and greater market access opportunities for our exporters and industries. ·
  • Promote doing business with Victoria globally – We promote global trade and people-to-people connections to enable greater access for Victorian businesses to maximise the opportunities for trade.

We manage International Chamber House and the Investment Centre Victoria as part of our efforts to facilitate trade and investment opportunities for Victorian businesses with international markets. These facilities enhance partnerships between government agencies, bilateral international chambers and business associations and support the delivery of world-class business events.

Global Victoria also supports international students and leads the Victorian Government’s efforts to support our international education sector, under the Study Melbourne brand. We also operate the Study Melbourne Student Centre which provides information, referral and practical support for all international students in Victoria. This important work ensures that Melbourne remains the nation’s top city for international student experience and in the top five globally.1

To find out more visit the Study Melbourne website.

1: QS World University Rankings 2022

Our people

At Global Victoria, the Victorian Government’s trade facilitation and promotion agency, we are a diverse group of dedicated trade specialists from across the globe with a vision to make your global business ambitions a reality. We work passionately to grow the global connections of Victorian exporters and provide a personalised client experience. We think big and work at the forefront of trade development, and are always available, easy to work with, and focus on your needs. Our people go the extra mile to help take your business from where you are to where you want to be.

“We are very grateful that we were able to partner with Global Victoria and develop some other exporting opportunities that we haven’t been able to do in the past, given the cost constraints.” John Stergiou, Head of International Business at PureHarvest.

Victoria’s International Network

We have the largest international trade and investment office network of any Australian state or territory. At Global Victoria, we have over 100 team members across the world who are passionate about what they do. Our team are in-market, connected and can help facilitate those in-market introductions often vital for export success.

When you connect with Global Victoria in any of our office locations, you can access support across the world. Our international network of 24 Victorian Government Trade and Investment (VGTI) offices including our Melbourne Head Office helps us to achieve our mission of connecting Victoria to the world and gives us an on-the-ground advantage to support you with direct access to key decision makers and market intelligence.

Our team is spread across 15 countries and collectively we speak more than 50 languages and originate from over 25 countries. And soon, we will add Paris as a new location to our network. This new office, together with the upcoming Australia-EU Free Trade Agreement, will offer access to new opportunities for Victorian companies across Europe.

The network also includes a dedicated network of education specialists and offshore Study Melbourne Hubs. The Study Melbourne Hubs support international students - current, future and alumni - studying or looking to study with a Victorian international education provider. The Hubs also support Victorian education providers overseas and are a platform to showcase EdTech innovation.

Case Study: The power of the network

Rubicon Water is a global provider of irrigation automation technology that enable governments, water management authorities and farmers to manage their water resources more efficiently and improve agricultural productivity.

Rubicon has designed, built and installed over 35,000 control and measurement devices located in 17 countries. Most of Rubicon's equipment, including electronic measuring and control equipment, is made at its Shepparton factory.

Global Victoria, including Victorian Government Trade and Investment offices have worked closely to support Rubicon to succeed and expand in international markets by connecting the company to key government officials and business partners; participating in key engagements to raise the profile of Rubicon and co-hosting visiting international delegations to Victoria.

Victoria’s Bengaluru office in India was instrumental in helping Rubicon secure a contract with the local government and continues to provide in-market business support to target more opportunities around India.

In 2019, Rubicon was awarded the contract to modernise irrigation regions in the state of Karnataka in India. The $200 million project will modernise over 3,000 km of channels, with 4,300 gates and meters to be installed, a significant breakthrough for Rubicon in the Indian market.

In 2021, Rubicon began installing technology which will automate canals and provide 450,000 hectares of farmland with a more efficient irrigation water supply. The project is scheduled for completion this year and is expected to improve water efficiency within the Narayanpur Left Bank Canal network by up to 20 per cent.

“Our customers around the world, are in the end, governments. So, when we've got Victorian Government facilitating meetings with us and backing us, that really matters. It instantly gives you a bit of credibility.”Rubicon

We also work in close cooperation with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) to maximise opportunities for local businesses to reach new and existing markets and ensure our services and support are complementary.

Our clients

Global Victoria provides support for goods and services exporters of all sizes and at all stages of their export journey.  We are here to support businesses to navigate these complexities and understand some of the emerging opportunities such as the accelerated digitalisation of trade.

Global Victoria’s services are available for a wide range of organisations, including companies discovering exports for the first time and thinking about taking that step but are not sure where to start. We also support companies that are expanding rapidly, where we can help amplify commercial potential in international markets.

Global Victoria provides opportunities to promote major global exporters across multiple international markets. We can help major exporters measure their capability, identify gaps, and provide opportunities to bridge them.

We support universities, TAFEs, private education providers as well as organisations that support the international education ecosystem. International students are also important clients for Global Victoria, and through Study Melbourne, we continue to deliver a suite of support services as well as programs to build the employability and entrepreneurial skills of students to help them succeed.

We also work with a range of organisations who share our common goal of supporting exporting firms to succeed in overseas markets.  This includes bilateral chambers of commerce, industry associations and major event organisers.


Support trade for all businesses

Businesses that export provide more jobs, better salaries and are often more resilient than non-exporting businesses. We are committed to working with all types of businesses interested in exporting, no matter your business size and level of export experience. Global Victoria will work to increase the number, diversity and success of exporters and support priority cohorts, extending and expanding the export advantage across the whole of the Victorian economy. From our Export Skills Programs for emerging exporters to our trade missions and 1 on 1 advice and support – there is something for everyone.

Strengthen and diversify our global connections

Global Victoria continues to support Victorian exporters reach their growth potential in overseas markets. Our programs and initiatives strike a balance between maximising growth and commercial opportunities in export markets and promoting market diversification. This approach helps to build the resilience of Victoria’s export economy to withstand disruptions and sets a course for economic recovery.

Boost digital connectivity

Digital connectivity supports exporters to access growing opportunities. Global Victoria will continue to leverage virtual trade missions, eCommerce platforms and emerging technologies to promote and facilitate digital trade. This expanding capability provides a unique opportunity for exporters to access consumers previously hard to reach due to trade barriers.

Build and leverage our partnerships

Through our partnerships with international chambers of commerce, peak industry bodies and business associations, Global Victoria will expand the reach and impact of support and services for exporters. This tailored support helps Victorian exporters to adapt and respond to the rapidly changing global market conditions.

Deepen economic engagement

Global Victoria elevates and promotes Victoria in key global markets, leveraging our network of international offices to open doors for Victorian exporters. We keep Victoria engaged with key contacts and consumers across the world through our targeted promotional activities and our enduring relationships with international jurisdictions, organisations and governments.

Victoria’s Industry strengths

For more than two decades, Victoria's economy has delivered strong and consistent growth supported by a diverse economy and robust exports across several industries.  From lifesaving pharmaceuticals, award-winning wines, world-leading universities, cyber security solutions and precious minerals, Victoria is home to some of the world’s most forward-thinking industries and institutions.

Food & Agribusiness

Victoria is Australia's largest exporter of food and fibre products, worth $14 billion in 2020-21. Key product categories include dairy, meat and many horticultural products such as table grapes and stone fruit, with a global reputation for producing premium products that meet the very highest quality standards.

Global Victoria works closely with Agriculture Victoria to support Victorian producers to be more profitable, and to export more products to more markets, more often. Together, Global Victoria and Agriculture Victoria are supporting food and fibre exports to reach a target of $20 billion by 2030.

In 2020-21, Victoria was the highest value exporting State or Territory for dairy, horticulture, and animal fibre products. In 2021, 73 per cent of Australia’s dairy exports came from Victoria, a total value of around $2 billion. Meat remained Victoria’s largest export commodity by value at $3.3 billion, and there were significant increases in the value of grain exports, valued at $2.5 billion.

These exports help support over 146,600 people employed in agriculture production and food manufacturing. In 2020-21, more than 75 per cent of employment in agriculture production was in regional Victoria.

Our global reputation as exporters and suppliers of some of the world's cleanest, greenest and safe food and fibre products is built on the highest quality biosecurity, safety and reliability standards, and strong environmental protection.

Technology and innovation

Regarded as Australia's technology hub, Victoria is home to more of Australia’s top ASX technology companies than any other state. Its technology and innovation capabilities are driving the state’s digital economy, with Victoria home to 271,000 ICT professionals in around 20,000 technology businesses that contribute more than $38 billion to the state’s economy annually.

Victoria maintains world leading capability in several subsectors of technology including FinTech, RegTech, and SportsTech and is home to 44 per cent of Australia’s SportsTech companies. Melbourne is also regarded as the EdTech capital of Australia (HolonIQ ANZ EdTech 50). Our International Education recovery plan includes establishing Melbourne as an Asia-Pacific hub for EdTech, digital learning and education innovation.

Victoria has built one of the strongest economies in Australia with its innovation capabilities, and this is what makes the state one of the best places to invest and do business. Victoria is home to more than 2600 start-ups and with a thriving sector, the number of start-ups is growing at 23 per cent per annum. We have a strong track record in transforming start-ups into high growth firms and are home to 20 unicorns.

Many of these start-ups have an intrinsic global outlook and Global Victoria works closely with LaunchVic, Victoria’s startup agency, to ensure our startups have the right support and contacts available to them as they grow internationally.

Professional services, and the green economy

Victoria's professional services sector is a key driver of the state's economy and job creation. Victoria is home to a world-leading superannuation sector, headquarters for seven of the top 20 ASX listed mining and metals companies and a well-regarded hub for design, engineering, and environmental services.

The growing Professional Services sector is also a vital enabler of growth across a wide array of companies operating in finance, legal and accounting services, consulting, architecture, and urban design. Export opportunities are growing in financial technology, mining and technical services.

Melbourne is one of the world's most liveable cities, consistently ranking in the top ten of The Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Index. Victoria has the know-how across the liveability sector in water management, planning and urban design, cleantech and environmental solutions. Many Victorian companies have leading expertise to share and are partnering with Global Victoria to connect with global partners and markets.

Victoria's Climate Change Act 2017 and state-wide strategy to reduce emissions make us Australia’s climate leader and one of the most ambitious jurisdictions globally in tackling climate change and fostering the green economy. This will present new opportunities for advance manufacturing, economic growth, as well as significant export growth potential in clean technologies and job creation.

Health & Life Sciences

Victoria is one of the world's premier biotechnology hubs, a global hub for biopharma manufacturing and mRNA research. We are home to one of the world's highest ranked life science hubs and home to global firms and local companies known for their excellence and innovation in the development of products. Over 70 per cent of Australia's top 25 MedTech and Pharma companies are based in Victoria with the sector generating $3.5 billion in exports including 56 per cent of Australia’s pharma products.

We are a sophisticated hub for pharmaceutical manufacturing and continue to produce life-saving vaccines for Australia and the world. Victoria’s strengths include genetics and genomics, neuroscience, regenerative and personalised medicine, innovative therapeutics and diagnostics, clinical trials, and digital health. Supported by world leading industry and government accelerators, 20 per cent of new start-ups in Victoria are in HealthTech.

Victoria has an exceptionally skilled workforce, world-class research, clinical trial and development facilities, and an efficient regulatory approval process that underpins medical and pharmaceutical innovation. Melbourne is one of only three cities in the world to have two universities in the global top 20 biomedical rankings, with Monash University ranked No.1 in pharmaceutical sciences in the world, beating Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge.

International Education

International Education is Victoria’s largest services export, valued at $6.9 billion in 2021. International Education also generates global opportunities and connections across the economy, academia and communities. In 2021, over 182,000 international students from around 160 countries studied with Victoria, onshore and online offshore. International students are a pool of global talent supporting Victoria’s skills needs across high growth and innovative industries.

Victoria’s international education sector embraces innovative teaching and learning approaches, drives collaborative research partnerships and prioritises positive student experiences – underlined by strong industry engagement and global connections. Melbourne is Australia’s number one student city and fifth globally. We are home to Australia’s best performing universities and ranked 13th globally (QS World University Rankings 2023).

Victoria’s world-class universities, research and development hubs, Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations and English language schools all work in collaboration with overseas partners to design and deliver customised education and training programs and services. Victoria's education, training, and research institutions have a proven track record across a range of innovative industries.

Digital and E-commerce

E-commerce and digitisation are more critical than ever for export success, and COVID-19 has accelerated this growth. The global online market is growing rapidly, with online retail sales representing 20 per cent of total sales worldwide in 2021, a three-fold increase since 2015.

Growth in consumer online purchasing is forecast to continue to rise and there are significant opportunities for exporters in many sectors, to access new markets that were previously difficult to access. With Melbourne now the Australian headquarters to Alibaba and Bukalapak, two of Asia’s largest eCommerce platforms, there is ever increasing access to multi-billion-dollar e-commerce markets.

Victorian businesses are continuing to take advantage of new consumer channels, such as e-commerce as a new way to trade, especially in Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors like nutraceuticals, beauty, health, and processed food goods, such as infant formula. For example, the Victorian nutraceutical industry is well placed to build on its competitive advantages in a growing global market, with a projected global value of $4 billion by 2030.

Manufacturing and defence

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the Victorian economy, providing a diverse range of jobs, high-quality exports and substantial economic growth. Manufacturing in Victoria supports more than 246,000 jobs and contributes close to $31 billion to the local economy each year.

Victoria’s manufacturing sector is diverse, spanning a number of industries, from aerospace to consumer goods, with half of Australia’s beauty exports from Victoria.

Victoria also has Australia's highest concentration of advanced defence technology capability, with the industry contributing $8.4 billion annually. The defence sector supports approximately 36,600 people and 6,300 businesses working in the supply chain to make equipment and provide services for defence activities.

Victoria's strengths in research and development, supported by a world-class tertiary education sector, have led to Victoria maintaining its defence capability edge across a range of domains, including land systems, aerospace and cyber security. This sophisticated supply chain presents several opportunities for companies to export a range of goods and services.

Creative Industries

Victoria is home to leading international companies and practitioners in the arts, and leads the country and region in commercial exporting of creative industries such as design, digital games, visual effects, and contemporary music.

In 2020-21, the creative and cultural sector generated $34.5 billion in gross value add across Victoria, comprising 7.4 per cent of the total Victorian economy.

Digital games is the fastest growing segment of the global screen entertainment industry (currently over US$300 billion), and Melbourne leads the way with talent, skills, services and support. Melbourne is the largest games marketplace in the Asia-Pacific, home to half of Australia’s total digital games industry, and host of the largest games event (Melbourne International Games Week) and eSports competition (Melbourne Esports Open) in the region. 90 per cent of the industry is export oriented.

In the design services sector – the largest employer of our creative industries - over 30 per cent of Victorian companies export their services. Victoria also boasts world leading CreaTech and design companies with award-winning designs in MedTech and FilmTech including AR/VR applications.

How we can help

Global Victoria offers a suite of programs that can support your export ambitions through:

1 on 1 advice and support​

We connect people to the right networks and business opportunities locally and globally.

Across Global Victoria, our trade specialists are experts in a wide range of industries and markets.

Our global team can leverage their knowledge and networks to help your business overcome barriers and achieve your export goals, giving your business a head-start to enter a new market or expand your current markets.

Whatever you sell and wherever you want to sell it, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs. This might be helping you to understand the market, introducing you to the right importer or business partner to get you started, building a market entry plan with you and helping you to navigate customs and regulatory requirements.

Skills, training and market intelligence​

We help build the skills and knowledge of people and businesses to help them achieve their global ambitions.

We can help your business gain the knowledge, skills and information to take your export journey to the next level.

Our trade specialists offer leading market intelligence, bringing you up to speed on current state of play in key global markets and sectors.

Whether you’re looking at entering new markets or expanding in your existing high growth markets, we can help your business achieve its goals by identifying gaps in capabilities and recommending the next steps to help bridge those gaps.

Our in-depth Export Skills Program takes you through the A-Z of exporting – from the must-haves of paperwork and logistics through to the finer details of establishing business partnerships in other countries.

Trade missions, market entry exploration and opportunities

We deliver trade missions and other activities to support your business to grow in global markets.

Activities on trade missions include business briefings and networking functions, site visits, trade exhibitions and business matching.

Our outbound trade missions take you overseas to international markets to showcase your business capabilities and connect you with key international markets, buyers, partners and business leaders.

Our inbound trade missions welcome business leaders and buyers from around the world to Victoria and provide opportunities to learn about Victoria's business capabilities and build the foundations for new trade and investment partnerships.

We offer physical, virtual and hybrid trade missions, with the flexibility to meet your needs and the economic conditions at the time.

Visit our trade mission page to learn more.

We also help businesses take advantage of global eCommerce opportunities to get their products into the hands of international consumers. Through the Victorian eCommerce Network, we provide companies with the opportunity to connect, collaborate and share knowledge.

Celebrating your success​

We promote doing business with Victoria globally. We champion the interests of Victorian exporters on a global stage. We elevate the status of the organisations we partner with.

Victoria is home to some of the most innovative and high-performing companies in the world. We’re always excited to celebrate your successes, as part of our mission to inspire global possibilities.

The Governor of Victoria Exporter Awards let us showcase the creativity, innovation and resilience of our world-leading companies and capabilities to the business community in Victoria, Australia and across the world.

Our digital presence allows us to showcase and celebrate the success of our exporters.

We’re especially excited to share the successes of trailblazing women in international business through the Global Victoria Women (GVw) initiative, which celebrates current and past leaders, and inspires and supports future leaders.

As I get to manage more women, I observe that women tend to have a higher inner critic and a more powerful one. I think that initiatives like Global Victoria GOVEA Awards are really helping to move the needle.” Dr Ewa Douroux, 2018 GOVEA winner, Victorian Women in International Business Award

Working with partners

We pursue strategic partnerships that maximise the trade objectives for Victoria and the Government’s broader economic, social and sustainability objectives.

We work with like-minded partner organisations to create value for Victorian exporters.

At home and across our global network, we connect the dots between your business and government (state, federal and international), peak bodies, industry associations, international chambers of commerce and the consular corps.

Our partnerships help us take Victoria to the world and bring the world to Victoria.

We also leverage world-class, sporting and cultural events happening in Victoria to attract the best global minds and business leaders to our State, and to showcase everything Victoria’s exporters have to offer.

How to connect with us

Find out what we can do for you by visiting our website, joining our upcoming activities and trade missions and reaching out to our team in your markets of interest.

Let’s work together to take on the world.