Victoria has an exciting and diverse range of education technology (EdTech) companies excelling in global education solutions. Victoria’s strengths as a home to world class education institutions and a major innovation and digital technology hub underpin a thriving EdTech ecosystem which is expanding to meet the needs of domestic and international markets.

There are exciting and rapidly emerging opportunities for Victorian EdTech companies to support education outcomes in global markets and, likewise, there are increasing opportunities for international partners to work with, collaborate and invest in Victoria’s vibrant EdTech sector.

Victoria’s global EdTech capabilities

Victoria’s global EdTech capabilities are centred on education leadership, enhanced capabilities to deliver EdTech solutions, and a strong reputation in the international education sector.

With strong support from the Victorian Government to make the state a global leader in education services and EdTech, Victoria is uniquely placed to support learners around the world.

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International Research Partnerships Program

The $3.6 million International Research Partnerships Program is an initiative under the International Education Short Term Recovery Plan 2020-21 to support strategic international research partnerships, grow market access and strengthen Victoria’s global reputation for education, EdTech and research.

Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance

Through stream two, $800,000 is being provided to establish the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance, delivered by EduGrowth to support collaboration between Victorian EdTech companies, education providers, researchers, and international organisations to road test and promote the learning impact of EdTech products for export.

By helping Victorian companies and institutions promote and gain market access for their EdTech products offshore, the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance will position Victoria as Australia’s leading provider of high-quality EdTech solutions and education innovation around the world.

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Opportunities to go global are growing

Global investment in EdTech has increased from $500m in 2010 to $7bn in 2019, with predicted expenditure of $341bn on EdTech in 20251.

As population growth and rapidly changing skill needs drive demand for innovation in education services, the global EdTech market will continue to expand.

Amid global demand for micro-credentials, industry-specific courses and shorter and more flexible programs, it will become increasingly important for the education sector to ensure learners are well equipped for the needs of the future.

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The benefits of EdTech

EdTech companies apply innovative technology across the education journey: from student recruitment and learning management systems, to testing and assessments and credentialing.

Learners, employers and education providers can benefit from EdTech, including through:

  • supporting and improving learning outcomes for students
  • increasing student engagement and retention
  • enabling assessment solutions at scale
  • improving efficiency in administrative functions and reduce costs
  • facilitating lifelong learning.

EdTech drives growth for education institutions and economies and provides opportunities to facilitate partnerships in existing and new markets.

Education Innovation: Victoria’s EdTech Value Proposition

Victoria is a major innovation and digital technology hub and has a thriving EdTech ecosystem that is expanding to meet the needs of domestic and international markets. Victoria’s education leadership, enhanced capabilities to deliver EdTech solutions, and strong reputation as the Education State ensure it is uniquely placed to support learners around Australia and the world.