Key highlights from Victoria’s food and fibre export performance, including downloadable and accessible Summary and Data Reports, and an Interactive Export Data Dashboard.

About the Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Summary

For more than a decade,  the Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Summary has been an annual publication. It serves as a key reference document for industry and government, focusing on the export performance of agricultural commodities and food products.

The export data is used by industry to understand market trends and emerging issues, and by the Victorian Government to guide policy and program development work.

The Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Summary is presented across 2 reports:

  • Summary Report highlighting Victoria’s food and fibre export performance in the 2022-23 financial year.
  • Data Report comprising five years of data to 2022-23 on Victoria’s industry and regional export performance to ensure continuity with the historical data provided from previous Food and Fibre Export Performance reports.

How is the data presented?

The 2022-23 Victorian food and fibre export data is presented in a format to highlight Victoria’s food and fibre export outcomes and is aggregated by state of origin as opposed to state of loading.

State of origin is based on statistics compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), to identify the Australian State in which the final stage of production or manufacture occurred (ABS 5489.0 - International Merchandise Trade, Australia, Concepts, Sources and Methods).

Volumes throughout the report are shown in gross weight (‘000 tonnes). Unless otherwise specified, dollar values quoted in this report have been rounded to the nearest million, or to the nearest single decimal place where expressed in billions. Dollar values are nominal.

Figures in the product category tables have also been rounded resulting in some total Victoria values being slightly different to the aggregate product and item totals in each table.

Download a copy of the reports

The Interactive Export Data Dashboard

An interactive export data dashboard is also available to analyse Victoria’s export data by manually selecting dates, products and/or markets.

Use the dashboard to explore Victoria's export performance by destination country, market, industry and product. Each tab in the dashboard (Destinations, Markets, Export Explorer) provides instructions on how to view and filter the data.

Please note that the page will take a few moments to load the data.

Victoria's food and fibre export performance highlights 2022-23

In 2022‑23 Victoria has maintained its position as Australia’s largest food and fibre exporter by value, accounting for 24% of the national total.

Victoria’s food and fibre exports by industry value for 2022 23. Wine1%. Seafood 2%. Prepared foods*7%. Horticulture 8%. Dairy 12%. Meat 23%. Grain28%.

Victoria exports its food and fibre products across the world.

Top markets for select Victorian food and fibre products 2022‑23

 2022‑23 major export markets for Victoria by value:  *United States: +2% $1,635m *UAE: +36% $693m *China: +4% $4,705m *South Korea: +22% $810m *Japan: +13% $1,677m *Indonesia: +21% $1,021m *New Zealand: +15% $1,128m *Singapore: +57% $994m *Malaysia: +12% $827m

As the State’s premier trade facilitation agency, Global Victoria is focused on helping turn uncertainty into opportunity for Victoria’s exporters.


In the journey towards global recovery from the COVID‑19 pandemic, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in commodity prices, reaching record levels in 2022. Even as prices stabilise, it is essential to navigate through challenges such as geopolitical conflicts, climate change, inflationary pressures, and fluctuations in demand and investment.

The increasing priority many international markets are placing on domestic food security in overseas markets signals a shift to a new and more complex playing field. For Victorian exporters, there’s opportunity to embrace the challenge, leveraging their adaptability to thrive, diversify and succeed in an evolving landscape.

Comparing 2018-19 to 2022-23, the value of Victorian food and fibre exports into markets outside of the top five has grown from 41% to 48%, indicating an increasing international market diversification.

Market share of top five markets in 2018-19 and 2022-23.  (2018-19) China, 33%.  Japan 9%. United States 8%. New Zealand 6%. Indonesia 3%. Rest of World 41%  2018-19 total food and fibre exports: $14.7 billion. (2022-23) China, 24%. Japan, 9%. United States, 8%. New Zealand, 6%. Indonesia, 5%. Rest of the World, 48%. 2022-23 total food and fibre exports: $19.6 billion

Notable Export Achievements for Victoria in 2022-23

China FlagUSA FlagMalaysia FlagPakistan Flag

  • The US remains Victoria’s third most valuable export market, although declining grain and meat exports reduced overall growth in 2023, meat, exports were 29% higher than in 2021.
  • China remains our highest value market, despite it falling from a third to a quarter since 2020.
  • Exports to Pakistan grew by over 200% in 2023 although some regional market volatility still exists.
  • Exports to MENA increased over 35% in 2023, with demand for dairy, wheat and meat in the UAE helping drive growth and a return to pre‑COVID‑19 market share of 8%.
  • Japan surpassed the United States as Victoria’s second most valuable market for food and fibre exports
    following average annual growth of 22% since 2021.
  • India is the largest market for Victorian food and fibre exports in South Asia.
  • Asia receives two‑thirds of Victoria’s food and fibre exports by value with exports growing by 10% last year.
  • Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia have imported an increased share of Victorian food and fibre exports.
  • Indonesia and Malaysia are now among Victoria’s top ten markets for grains, dairy, prepared foods, seafood and forest products.

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